Morning sunrise Perth Ontario Canada 

Good morning Perth Ontario Canada! A glorious sunrise palette for a picture from the heavens. A morning masterpiece. Thank you. Om Mani Padme Hum. Compassion is what we need.

What a show last night at The Studio Theater in Perth. Another jam packed event full of denizens of field and forest. People traveled from Timbuktu for this show. They showed me their passport stamps when they opened their eyes. We locked energy forces and there was an explosion of love.

Thank you Perth Ontario Canada Earth. You shined. You were so shiny that my corneas got a sunburn but it was worth it. I love you.

Here’s the last of my Canadian shows-

Wednesday Oct 26- I play Harwood Ontario at The Harwood Community Hall.

Thursday Oct 27 – Fergus Ontario! The Fergus Grand Theater.

Friday Oct 28 – Stratford Ontario! Revival House Concert Series.

Sat Oct 29- Meaford Ontario! Meaford Hall.

Cubs lost. Tribe looked tough! New game tonight. We’ll see what mysteries unfold.

Thanks again Perth.

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Yard Long Beers

One of my first paying gigs I ever got was in San Diego at a place called O’Hungrys. They had these glasses that were really tall. Yard long beers. Yes a yard. The word yard looks weird here. Why is that?

So where was I?
Oh yeah. So I was playing this gig at O’Hungrys in Old Town San Diego. I was in a duo with Robert Driscoll and it was 1983. We weren’t yet called The Rugburns. I think we were called The Pedestrians Of Sni-A-Bar Road. (This name still makes me laugh)

So we had this gig and I think we were supposed to get paid 60 bucks to play three 50 min sets.
Here’s where it all went wrong-
They told us we could drink yard long beers for free. We didn’t have that many songs to play 3 whole sets so we had to repeat some stuff. I remember we had a Beatles medley. This kills me. A Beatles medley.

What were they thinking telling us we could drink for free? They also told us to be careful with the yard long beer glasses because they were 40 bucks apiece. We also had a tip jar.

Well, you know where this is heading. Of course I got really drunk. Like really drunk. However drunk I was, Rob Driscoll got even drunker. I think at one point he poured a beer over my head. Or maybe I did that to him. We were both playing Ovation guitars. By the time our Beatles medley got to the song Revolution I started spinning and spinning around in circles and as I spun, the neck of my guitar bashed into my yard long beer and that beer smashed into Rob’s yard long beer. Shards of glass and beer were everywhere. The manager cut us off and turned off the PA and told us the gig was over. He also said he’d still pay us the 60 bucks but we owed him 80 for the beer glasses. We checked our tip jar (which was also shattered) and we had 12 bucks so we still had to come out of pocket for 8 more bucks but we only had 6.

So I hereby confess that I still owe O’Hungrys 2 dollars. I’ve owed them this amount since 1983. With interest that might mean more. I would like to formally apologize for this incident.

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Let’s spread music and arts 

That’d be cool if I bought this old building in Picton Ontario Canada and turned it into a music school. We could inspire folks to write songs and learn new instruments and teach music theory. Teach classes on recording and engineering for old school and new school music. Get some folks to donate some cool old microphones and also set up an espresso machine and roast our own beans. We could also teach web design. We need some rich folks who have money to burn to donate some cash and help spread the arts to kids and adults. We need more music. We could even have a guitar building workshop. We could make mandolins and banjos and guitars and electric guitars and have amp repair classes. We can teach printing and poster design. We’ll get some old school printing presses. Let’s plant a garden too. It’ll be a shangrila la la. Look at all the money we’re wasting on bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Fuck it, let’s have all the governments start redirecting their money to music and the arts. Once people start realizing how much fun it is they’ll stop wasting their time being dickheads. Let’s create our own world!

It doesn’t look like much right now but we gotta start somewhere. Revolution now. Meow!

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I saw the light! 

I saw the light.
Picton Ontario? Who knew?
Last night I played a cool little restaurant called The Acoustic Grill.
This is why I play music. For the food! Ummm I mean, for the joy.
Wow. This venue is tiny and full of love. Love eeks out of its wooden pores. The staff are amazing. The sound is stellar. The place was packed and everyone was in a smiley faced mood. It was such a fun show. I felt inspired!

After the show ended we just sat in the bar and they had this old beat up guitar sitting on a counter. I picked it up and started strumming it and the next things you know we started singing all these old John Prine songs. Brian Mac got his guitar out and then we did some more stuff including some Grateful Dead. Everyone that stayed was dancing and singing along.

Go to Picton. You won’t get picked on in Picton.

Tomorrow night- ? Tuesday Oct 25- I play Perth Ontario at The Studio Theater. 7pm. Be there! It’s almost sold out. Hurry!

Wednesday Oct 26- I play Harwood Ontario at The Harwood Community Hall.

Thursday Oct 27 – Fergus Ontario! The Fergus Grand Theater.

Friday Oct 28 – Stratford Ontario! Revival House Concert Series.

Sat Oct 29- Meaford Ontario! Meaford Hall.

Then back to USA for a quick nap.

Thanks again Picton. What a special night. I’m
Absolutely loving my Canadian tour.

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Joy is taxing 

I think National Geographic should use this photo in their magazine and they should pay me 20k. You want Autumn? We’ve got Autumn. Canada invented Autumn. And I invented this photograph. You guys all need to pay me money because this picture is giving you joy. You think joy is free? It’s not! It costs money. The best things in life cost money. Happiness and joy have surcharges and the the new surcharge collector is me. You want joy? I’ll tax you for looking at this photo. Unless you are able to get this photo to National Geographic I’ll be sending you a bill. Oh, don’t worry, it’s only based a tithing model I absconded from several churches I’ve been auditing. I’ll tax you a joy tax on a mere 2 percent of your annual income. Please make checks or cheques payable to Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz.

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Thanks Kingston -Tonight Picton! 

Hey hey Kingston Ontario. Thanks for last night. Jam packed show filled with good people. Smiling faces having a good time on a Saturday night. Everyone was naked. It was cool. They lit off fireworks and threw water balloons at me. It was the greatest show I’ve ever played. Thank you Kingston. You’re in my heart like an artery transporting blood to my vitals.

Tonight? What am I doing? Oh wow! I get to play a show in Picton Ontario. Picton! The Acoustic Grill. Sunday night show. Tonight. 7pm. What else are you gonna do? Come see me. We’ll have a grand ole time.

Cubs win Cubs win. Congrats to Chicago. Looks like we got ourselves a Midwest World Series. Chicago vs Cleveland. I wanted Dodgers Bluejays. This World Series better go 7 games.

Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Cleveland since 1948 the year Truman upset Dewey for the presidential election. Well guess what? The Padres have never won one. Boo!

I have lots of friends in Chicago and in Cleveland. This should be a fun series. I’m excited. I’m not sure who to root for. (In Australia if you say root it means shag!) Who are you rooting for? Ummmm, scuse me mate but that sounds dirty.

Chicago or Cleveland?

Thanks again Kingston. Love you long time.

Next stop- Picton.

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I got to be on The CBC 

I got to be on a television segment called The National on CBC. Thanks Canada, I love you. Check it out 

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October prettiness. 

I played a house concert last night in paradise. It’s so darn purty out here over yonder in a Canada land. Good crowd of punters showed up and soaked in some tunes through their ear holes. I think the people that attended the show enjoyed it. Maybe they did. Maybe they did. Doo dah doo dah.

I was a little weird on stage and perhaps they were filled with trepidation. I think I ended the show on a hopeful note.

That’s the weird thing about being a freewheeling troubadour. I never know what songs I’m going to play. It all depends on my mood. Autumn leaves make me sentimental, contemplative and a bit loony. (By loony I don’t mean a Canadian dollar. I mean looooony.)

The Jays finally won a game and avoided a sweep. Their bats may be starting to wake up from their little slumber. It ain’t easy to win 4 straight games. But that’s what they’re going to have to do if they want to get to the dance. Jays are down 3 games to 1. Cleveland is sitting in the Catbird seat.

The Dodgers did their thing last night at home. There’s nothing like home cooking. The Cubs had their ace on the hill but Jake Arrieta didn’t have his best stuff. Dodgers are now up in the series 2 games to 1. Rich Hill sure looked good standing on the rubber for The Doyers.

How about these fall colors? Colour my world! I play another show in the same house tonight. Two nights in a row! If anybody ever asks you a question like this- “what’s Steve poltz’s favorite month?” You can say “October!”

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Astronaut rock! 

Well, that sure was fun. Last night I went to see my friend Danny Michel play at his sold out show at The Dakota Tavern and then he called me up to be his special guest and I sang a couple songs and then—– for his encore he called up his Canadian Astronaut friend Col Chris Hadfield and we all sang Space Oddity. Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space so it made it extra special. Oh what a night!

Jays lost to Cleveland. The tribe looks really good. Great pitching. Low scores for American League games. The Jays bats have been silent and now they find themselves down 3 games to nothing. Cleveland is for real but it’s baseball and anything can happen.

Dodgers Cubs resume their battle tonight. This time they’ve shifted to the west coast for a visit to Chavez Ravine. It’s tied up at 1 game apiece.

Did I mention that I sang on stage with an astronaut last night? How cool is that? I love Danny Michel for putting it all together. He’s a great songwriter and wonderful person and most excellent friend.

Tonight I play the first of two nights in Minden Ontario. This is a fun tour.

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Plato and Putin

The only reason there isn’t world peace and harmony between nations is because it’s hard for us to understand each other. Let me give you an example-

One time I was at a dinner party with Vladimir Putin and the host asked him if he had any food allergies.
H- Do you have any food allergies?
P- I have many allegories. Plato’s allegory of the cave is one of my favorites. People will believe what they want to believe. Shadows!
H- no, I meant allergies. Are you allergic to any types of food?
P- Vladimir don’t like Gluten. It makes Putin start tootin. Ahh too late Putin just ate croissant.
H- Do you always refer to yourself in the third person?
P- I’m number 1! I’m number!
H- Who cut the cheese?
P- Shadows!

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