Cancelled shows

I’m sorry that I’ve had to cancel some of the shows on this tour—apologies to everyone in Charlottesville, Ashland, Charlotte and Chapel Hill, Decatur , Chattanooga, Nashville, St Augustine and St Petersburg. I was looking forward to seeing friends and playing to new folks I haven’t met yet in those cities. The bad news is I may have to cancel a few more shows —but the good news is I’ll be back on the road soon.

Doctors say I have to take a little break after blacking out on stage in Wilmington Wednesday. I ended up in the hospital, but I’m doing OK—heading back home tonight and the short version is that they’re not sure why it happened and may never know. But I’m doing OK…just have to have some more tests and take it easy for a little while.

If you’re really interested, here’s the long story: I’m probably off the road through November 6. Doctor’s orders. I blacked out on stage Wednesday night in Wilmington—all I know is that I suddenly lost vision in my right eye and got disoriented and all fuzzy. Very scary. I went to the emergency room and after a lot of tests, they’ve decided I had two mini subacute strokes.

I’m OK, just a little hazy now. Probably because of all the tests. I was under anesthesia yesterday for an ultrasound through my esophagus called a transesophageal echocardiography. It showed that my heart is fine. I’ve also had a CT scan of my brain, an MRI of my brain (that’s what showed the two subacute strokes had occurred) ultrasounds of my legs and heart and also an MRA of the arteries in my neck that shows no blockages. And my blood pressure and cholesterol are both great.

Bottom line is that they just don’t know what caused this. Since I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, I asked if my schedule or stress could have anything to do with it and they said they didn’t think so. But I’m going to have some more tests today and then a few more after I get home.. Maybe I had a blood clot or something like that.

Again, I’m really sorry about canceling these shows. I hated to do it, but didn’t have a choice. I’ll let you know when I’m back at it.

Thanks very much to Lou and Rain for driving me to the ER.

I really am OK. Just a little hazy—there’s no paralysis or anything like that. I apologize if I don’t get back to you, but I have to take it easy as I work with everyone to figure this all out.
Big thanks to all the doctors and nurses and orderlies etc at University Medical at Princeton. Time for me to go home and rest.

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Poltz plays Delaware Tonight!

Breakfast? Served all day? How am I ever gonna make my show in Wilmington Delaware tonight? This is crazy! Get tickets for World Cafe Live show in Wilmington.

Watch video here

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Jammin Java tonight!

It’s a decent day to drive to Vienna Virginia. Leaves are fa fa falling. The air is as crisp as a deep fried taco. The colors are guacamole transcendent and padre gold and brown. I’ve a good mind to play a few tunes tonight at Jammin Java. This is the night the cyborgs get to do the boogaloo. Change your undies shave your pubes and get outta bed you ruby rubes. Daylight’s burning and we got tolls to pay and tickets to avoid eyes to greet with troubadour smiles. See ya tonight you lost puppies. Jammin Java in Vienna Virginia.

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Jammin Java

Hey DC people! I’m going to be in your neck of the nape tomorrow night. I play Jammin Java. Here’s a video about this French place. Jammin Java - Vienna Virginia. Oct 21 7:30 pm. I probably play about 8:30.
Watch video here!

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I saw myself peeing

I was peeing and I turned around and saw me on the wall and I said “hey dude. We are peeing right now.”
And then the me on the wall said to the me peeing “turn around, you’re sprinkling on the floor. Plus, let’s not let Janis Ian see our wiener.”
I play at 7:30!
Ardmore Music Hall

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Ardmore Music Hall tonight

Slept in. Gotta drive to Philadelphia. Actually Ardmore Pennsylvania. What a shock- I have another show. You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. Show is tonight at 7:30 Ardmore Music Hall
Watch video here

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Poltz at The Stoltz

Not Lou Holtz.
Not the actor Eric Stoltz.
Not The San Diego Bolts.
But- Steve Poltz will be playing The Stoltz listening room in Easton Maryland! Tonight at 8.

Watch video here.

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Flea dip

Is this a video game? I just took this pic and now I’m wondering if I live inside a video game and I’m just capturing images for the worker bees who are writing code. Electric probes are zapping me and interrupting my sleep patterns. Zombies are hiding behind buildings and I’m out of real estate for hiding. Must snap. More. Photos. Ugh ugh too late my cathode eye connectors are wonky. They’re not just wonky, they’re Willy Wonka-eee. I need a flea dip. Huh?

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The Yarn Spinner

When I was born I came out of the womb with a barstool attached to my thighs. The doctors in Halifax Nova Scotia were amazed. The nuns of The Sisters of Charity at The Infirmary where I was born were stunned. They tried to hire a carpenter to saw off the barstool but the doctors thought it was too dangerous. My poor mother was feeling much better after having that barstool out of her womb and she told the experts to leave it. She said “I’ll just get him guitar lessons and he’ll always have a place to sit for his gigs.”

I eventually learned to walk and hop and the guitar became my best friend. Now I travel around the world like a circus weirdo and sing songs and spin yarns. I’ve spun so many yarns that I’ve been able to knit myself a career as a yarn spinner with barstool legs.

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Steve Wozniak last night. NYC tonight

Steve Wozniak surprised me last night at my gig in Asbury Park New Jersey. I love him. He hires a town car and took the two hour trip from the upper west side and then I got to catch a ride back with him. He had the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and we chatted nonstop about everything under the sun from Ebola (he’s against it) to hacking (he’s one of the best) to music (he likes it when I tell long rambling stories and his favorite song is Dick’s Automotive).

Tonight I play NYC at Pianos. I go on at 7:45. 158 Ludlow Street

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