Bellingham a rooni

So yessiree- I play in the great state of Washington on Thursday night in the city of Bellingham. W/Shook Twins.
I don’t reckon I’ve ever played Bellingham before so this I a new fire hydrant for me to pee on. I’ll drink lots of water.
Wild Buffalo! Then on Friday I drive down to Seattle and play Ballard at The Tractor.
Wild Buffalo!

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For my San Diego friends

For my San Diego friends-
My friend Will Moore is coming to San Diego from The UK and playing shows with my friend Joey Harris. I wish I could be there but I’m on the road. But- you have 3 chances to see Will and see Joey AND have a blast!

As manager of The Prince Albert pub in Brighton England, Will Moore has looked after
many San Diego musicians over the years. “When I went over, Will found us a place to stay,
and a couple extra shows, including a gig up in London”, says Joey Harris of Beat Farmer
and Mentals fame. Eve Selis, Steve Poltz, Black Market III, and Sara Petite and the Sugar Daddies
have all been treated to Will’s brand of British hospitality.
This week San Diegans get to return the favor, as Will Moore’s group Red Raucous comes to
town for three nights, beginning Thursday April 24th at Soda Bar.
Red Raucous’ brand of Pub Rockabilly will fit nicely with Joey Harris & the Mentals and
special guests the Nformals.

April 24th – Joey Harris & the Mentals-Red Raucous-the Nformals @ Soda Bar – $10 – 9 pm
3615 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 255-7224

April 25th – Joey Harris & the Mentals-Red Raucous @ Tio Leo’s – $7 – 9 pm
5302 Napa St. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 542-1462

April 26th -Joey Harris & the Mentals-Red Raucous @ Wong’s Dragon Room – 9 pm
7126 University Ave. La Mesa 91941 (619) 464-9772

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Social media explained through donuts

This is how it all works.

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Shoe conversation

My shoes told me to take their picture. They got all excited and said, “Steve, Steve, STEVE! Take our picture by this beautiful rug. It’ll look really neat and then other people can enjoy us as much as you do.” Then they said,”Do you realize ‘you do’ rhymes with voodoo and you do that voodoo so well.”
It felt good to have a conversation with my shoes and for the first time I really opened up. I told them my deepest darkest fears and my hidden dreams and desires. I told them that life sometimes scared me and that there were times I went to restaurants alone in the rain and watched lovers eat pizza while I sat solo in a booth. That I would forget to bring my glasses and my phone and I’d just stare at a menu like I was reading it even though it was completely blurry to my less than stellar eyes. I would fake read so that I looked occupied. Then I looked down at my shoes and they were crying. They said, “We’re not crying from your story, we just stepped on fresh chopped onions.”
Then I took this picture.

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We are ghosts

Well this is weird. I woke up in my hotel and wanted to make a poster for the shows I have this week so I took a picture and then all of a sudden there was a ghost in the room. I was like, “No biggie. Hey ghost! What up?”
And the ghost was all, “Ummm like you’re supposed to be really scared right now and you’re yawning. This is my best scary face.”
I was like, “Well, yes it’s scary but I have to finish this poster I’m making so please chill the eff out.”
Then the ghost goes, “Can I have a bagel? But no garlic. My vampire gal hates it when I reek of garlic.”
I said, “Sure I’ll get you one but can you actually eat it? You’re a ghost.”
Then he came over real close and said “Do you feel this.”
All of a sudden my body felt very cold and goosebumps appeared. Then I looked up and he was gone. So I opened the door to my hotel a few minutes later after I was showered and dressed and lo and behold I looked down and there was a bagel in a brown paper bag waiting for me. I still have goosebumps.
Life is strange. We are ghosts.
I’ll see you in Washington or Montana.

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Going up the country to Arcata

Curtains in my head open and close and open and- well, you get the idea. Think about the fact that you control the curtains in your brain and head. You choose what you want to see and when to see it. You may walk into a room with people you don’t like and their energy bothers you. Well, shut out the negativity. You don’t need it. You can visualize your curtains being shut so you don’t have to hear the lame and negative bullshit. Or—-> OPEN YOUR CURTAINS and open your eyes and look at the parking lot with NEW eyes.

We allow people to bring us down. But the good news is: we are the gatekeepers to our souls and hearts and we don’t have to allow people to live rent free in our heads. So if we visualize good things then we attract good things and happiness. We emanate we germinate we fabricate WE VIBRATE and we receive.

Today I take a drive to Arcata California for a fun show at Humboldt Brews -aka Humbrews- 856 10th St, Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-2739

So open your curtains and let good things in. Be open to NEW THINGS. Breathe in as deep as possible. Breathe out. Repeat. Think good thoughts. Your curtains are opening and the movie is about to begin. Don’t miss it. Humbrews

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Nice tag

Kyle who plays bass in Shook Twins just tore this tag out of his pants. Heh heh. Love it. We play Sebastapol Ca tonight at Hopmonk.

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Hopmonk Sebastopol Birdhouse Shrinker

I shrunk this birdhouse down in this photo with birdhouse shrinker app. #birdhouseshrinkerapp

It’s an amazing photo aid that shrinks most birdhouses down by anywhere from 86 to 12 percent.

I’m so happy it’s FINALLY released. I’m thrilled and honored that I got to be involved in the design process and– full disclosure-
I’m the Vice President of Birdhouse Shrinker App.

*actual results may vary* *We are not responsible if you shrink along with the picture* *We cannot make certain body parts grow or shrink* *nausea, dizziness, phlegm, frequent urination, itchiness, athletes foot, constipation, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, coma or death and trouble swallowing may be side effects.

I should have free app download codes available tonight at my Sebastopol show at The Hopmonk Tavern along with Shook Twins. I play at 9! Hopmonk

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The Snail House

20140417-113752.jpgI spent the night on the grounds of a compound near a house that was shaped like a snail. I heard rustling in the leaves and when I woke up the snail house had moved approximately 26 inches. The reason in know this to be true is because I washed my dirty socks and hung them on a line to dry. I paced out the exact distance from the snail house to my socks. As I started to doze off my socks said to me “Steve, we’re scared of the snail house. It’s slowly moving in our direction. You can’t see it with your weakling human eyes but our sock eyes can see more than most. Even an eagle is like Ray Charles next to us except an eagle can’t sing Georgia On My Mind.”

I’m scared of the snail house but I want to be its friend. I’m going to leave this compound and drive down the mountain from Bonny Doon to Berkeley.
I play a show tonight with Shook Twins at Freight and Salvage and it this pace the snail house may be there too.

I go on at 8pm! Right on time. The Freight and Salvage

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Bunnies on parade

One time I was walking down the street and this family of Easter Bunnies was hitching a ride from Applegate Oregon to a new home in The Santa Cruz Mountains. They were adept in many ancient survival skills from hiding out in The Siskiyou Mountains with their ancestors.

The Father was named Horace Heebernathy and he loved a good carrot and gin tonic fizz after a long day digging escape routes in rabbit holes. He was a structural engineer and lived on a diet of gluten free carrot cake and lettuce wraps from PF Changs. He earned a good living and was proud of his rabbit family.

One day he was listening to We’re Coming Out by The Replacements when he decided it was time to move his family from the rabbit holes that were constantly being feuded over by wayward squirrels and ferrets. He grabbed his daughters and sons and wife- Peanut, Flea, Jaco, and Stinson- and headed out to California.

He now attends concerts of wayward troubadours and poses for pictures with friendly tourists from around the world. I was in Felton California today getting a cup of world famous chai when I ran into the whole family on their way to a picnic at Don Quixote’s. We hugged like a reunited family on an old episode of Oprah Winfrey. They came to my show tonight and bought tshirts. They will also be at my Freight and Salvage show tomorrow night in Berkeley and Friday in Sebastopol at Hopmonk and Saturday in Arcata at Humbrews. They wanted me to wish you an early Happy hoppity Easter.

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