Stable pony

Leaving Peterborough for Adelaide. Final Australia show is tonight in Adelaide at The Jade Monkey.

I’m like a stable pony.

When we were kids we would rent horses at Smoke Tree Stables in Palm Springs. My older sister Kath loved riding horses and I loved whatever she loved so naturally I tagged along.

The horses would be stubborn and not go fast enough for me on the way out as we traversed the desert trails. The best part was when they’d stop to pee and crazy amounts of liquid would wet the sand. The only thing that topped that was when they would poo without even stopping. They’d just walk and poo. Saves time.

But wow, when it was time to go back to the stables they’d run like hell and I’d hang on for my dear life. Faster than fast. I’d lose my hat and just hold on and move in rhythm and listen to the sounds of the snorting and grunting and hooves pounding on the winding trail.

Stable pony. That’s what I am today. Minus the walking and pooping.

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Doo doo doo lookin out my back door 

Doo doo doo lookin out my back door.

That’d be cool if you stepped out of the door in this photograph and a bunch of orangutans appeared and picked you up and carried you to a field of bananas that for some reason grew out of the ground like potatoes. So you peeled and ate one and an old man whispered in your ear that there was a seismic shift and for some reason banana trees were now only able to grow potatoes. So you did what anyone would do and you put on some plastic sunglasses and kept walking and walking. Eventually your feet became tennis rackets and the ground turned into a melting clock and Salvador Dali was selling lottery tickets to wolves who had paws made out out of ice cream cones and only listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

I bet it could happen.

Doo doo doo lookin out my back door.

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Mosquito sleep

Getting ready to fall sound asleep. Had a good day. A lot of energy was expended and now I need to plug in and recharge. It’s weird when I’m empty after a show. I want food. Like maybe falafel. What is falafel? Chickpeas? I like it wrapped in a thin pita or lavash with some lettuce and tomato.

There’s a crazy mosquito buzzing me in my hotel room and I need to find it and destroy it. Every time I just about fall asleep it buzzes my ear.

This picture was taken at The Peterborough Football Club. Thanks to Sonja Mercer for organizing such a ripper of a gig.

I’ll see you later in internet land. For now I’ll dream of tahini and hummus and falafel and dive bombing mosquitos with superpowers. Mosquitos I can’t seem to catch no matter how fast I run. Buzzzzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzz.

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Thank you 

I’m sitting backstage before my show tonight at The Peterborough Football Club in South Australia. How cool is this?

The more I travel this country the more I want to keep going and going and going out to country towns as far away as possible.

It’s so quiet and everything is washed out and beautiful. I love it. I have only a couple days left here and I’m already feeling nostalgic and appreciative.

Thank you.

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Old school

I love old school motels. It’s like stepping back in time. Look at this great font and the care and thought that was put into it with the swirly leaf things. It’s like a formal invitation to a state dinner. Except it’s not.

I play Peterborough, South Australia tonight at The Peterborough Football Club. 7pm
It’s Saturday here.

On Sunday I travel 3 hours to Adelaide for a show at The Jade Monkey.

Monday I fly to San Diego California.

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Flan Flan Girl

Question I’d like to be asked today- episode 2

Hey Steve, is there an author that you’ve always been obsessed with?

Great question! Thanks for asking.
I’ve always loved Flannery O’Connor. She wrote beautiful heart wrenching short stories and really seemed to capture southern attitudes and mores. I always go back to her.

Here’s a rare recording of her reading A Good Man Is Hard To Find.


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Made it to Peterborough 

Hey! I made it to Peterborough South Australia. I was in Perth, West Australia this morning. This guitar has sure traveled some miles. It’s been on ferries and mules and speedboats and helicopters and planes and trains and automobiles.

I’m going to go to sleep now because it’s midnight here and I’ve got a busy Saturday ahead of me.

March 28
In the morning I teach a songwriting workshop
Then later that night-
I play
Peterborough South Australia
Peterborough Football Club Memorial Oval

March 29
Adelaide, South Australia
Jade Monkey

Mar 30 I fly home
Adelaide to Sydney to Los Angeles to San Diego

Then I take a nap

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Headed to Peterborough and Adelaide

So long Perth and Freo. I had a great time. This morning’s breakfast was amazing. Poached eggs to perfection on wonderful bread with tasty mushrooms and spinach and this crazy good sauce they made.
Gordon St Garage is the name of the restaurant.

I’m headed on a plane to South Australia. Peterborough and Adelaide. Here’s some press love

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Crazy Aussies I’ve met 

Australians be crazy. This cat Brad McKenzie showed up at my gig with this shirt he designed. The o in Poltzy is the X-ray pic of my brain.

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Tasty art

I like it when I order my food and it’s aesthetically pleasing as well as scrumptious. I like art it is tasty.

Also here’s a lil interview I did.

See ya tonight at Mojo’s in Fremantle.

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