Headed over yonder to Truro now

Thank you Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island. Great crowd last night at The Trailside Inn. I love when people rally on a Tuesday night. Place was at capacity and the food was so good. They must grow potatoes here because my potatoes tasted like the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Fresh from the womb potatoes. This place is beyond pretty.

So now I’m fixing to leave PEI and head over the bridge to Nova Scotia. Specifically Truro. I play The Marigold Theater tonight Aug 27 at 7:30.

Then? My final Nova Scotia show is Thursday Aug 28 in Halifax. I play The Carleton for Halifax Urban Folk Festival. That’s tomorrow night.

Friday night Aug 29 I’ll be in Norwalk Connecticut along with Toad The Wet Sprocket at Norwalk Concert Hall.

Saturday and Sunday Aug 30 and 31 I’m playing Fayetteville Arkansas for Fayetteville Roots Festival.

That’s all I can remember for now. Did I mention how friggin pretty PEI is? So pastoral and peaceful with lazy breezes.

Gotta shower. Later gator.

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I’m on Prince Edward Island!

I’m here! Prince Edward Island. Show time 8pm tonight. Food starts at 6pm and it’s good!

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Gig alert! Seattle Sept 11th

Do I know people in Seattle? I think I do. Thanks to Trish Houck for sketching this drawing of me at Philly Folk Fest.

Seattle friends and any northwest friends- in fact ,Earthlings from afar/ on September 11th I’m playing The Triple Door Theater. Ticket info

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PEI tomorrow – Tuesday Aug 26

Had a great Gathering Festival in Burlington Newfoundland. Now headed to Prince Edward Island for a show tomorrow night Aug 26 at The Trailside Inn in Mount Stewart PEI.

Then – Wednesday Aug 27 I’ll be in Truro at The Marigold Theater

Thursday Aug 28 I play Halifax Nova Scotia at The Carleton.

Thanks Newfoundland! I loves ya.
Trailside Inn

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Yes! Newfoundland

This is where I store my guitars–> Burlington Newfoundland. A hamlet in a bucolic setting with a silence to end all silences. Even the dogs are chill. They just meander down the gravel roads and look at you with one eye open and ask for biscuits in a very non-aggressive manor. Life is easy and slow and rush hour is plush hour. I don’t even have to lock the doors of this storage unit. It holds 38 guitars and two parakeets and 4 fleas. I think I’ll stay for a month or until I run out of fish cakes.

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Thanks Lewisporte

I played a show last night in Lewisporte Newfoundland at the Citadel house hosted by a husband and wife named Dean and Stevie. Here I am this morning having breakfast with everyone. They have 10 kids! Well- actually 9 because they lost one at the age of 5 to cancer. So 9 kids and they have a recording studio downstairs where I slept. Wow! What a fun night playing for the peeps of Lewisporte.

Today I drive to Burlington Newfoundland for The Gathering Festival put on by my friend Shaun Majumder. He texted me this morning and said bring your rubber boots because it’s soggy and everyone is camping. And he also told me to watch out for moose.

Check out the website for the festival.

Looks like fun.

Cheers! Thanks again to Dean and Stevie for having so many kids and putting on concerts in such a remote part of the world.

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Mommy moose ghost


So I was driving down this gravel road in Newfoundland today in my rental car (dark blue Nissan Altima) and I said to my friend Deano “do you know that in all the time I’ve driven around Canada I’ve never seen a moose? Everyone else I know has seen plenty.” He said “Maybe we’ll see one today. This is the road where it seems one will just pop out.”

And then – voila–> this mommy moose with her baby moose was around the next corner. I stopped the car and she just stared at us as if to say “if I wanted to I could kick both of your asses but I’m feeling generous today.” Then she ran across the road into the bush and just disappeared like a ghost. A mommy moose ghost. So I would like to propose a toast to all the mommy moose ghosts out there on this wild planet. I want to start a band with Stacey Earle and Chuck Brodsky and Tim Flannery aka Jonny Strayhorse and call it The Mommy Moose Ghosts.

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Lewisporte Newfoundland tonight

Slept well. Ate food. Said my prayers. Brushed my teeth. Walked in mist. Looked at the ocean. Drank a cuppa tea. Ready to drive.
Headed to Lewisporte Newfoundland. I have a show tonight at The Citadel House. See ya there.

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Oh Newfoundland!

Here’s where my show is tonight. I just snapped this pic as I was stepping into the the cool breeze. Port Rexton Newfoundland. One day you’re playing the main stage at The Philadelphia Folk Festival and the next you’re playing Two Whales Cafe in Port Rexton. #folksinger

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Tonight St John’s – Halifax next week

Ok! I’ve arrived in St John’s Newfoundland. It’s raining but I just know the sun wants to show its face. I play The Ship Inn tonight. It’s good to be on the rock. 4&1/2 time difference from San Diego.

I was speaking on the phone with Mike Campbell last night and he told me that my Carelton show in Halifax on Aug 28 is selling very fast which is good AND bad because I have no extra days to add a second show. Here’s the ticket link.

I need to eat some food and sleep more. I must stay fueled, rested and hydrated. Perhaps I’ll even bathe.

Oh yeah- Boardwalk Empire is really good. Damn! I’m on season two. I like saying the name Nucky Thompson.

See ya’s later.

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