Tasmania interview 

Here’s the ABC interview I just did in Tasmania that you guys were live streaming. Now you’ll be able to hear the whole conversation.

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I’m here. Melbourne. Australia. Tonight. And. Tomorrow.

It’s early Friday morning here in Melbs. I’m watching the baseball playoffs on my phone. Pretty cool technology. Go Blue Jays. It’s weird to be watching the playoffs this early. I like it. It’s like my own little secret. Shhhhh.

I was on ABC radio last night with Lindy Burns. She’s super cool. I really like her. She lets the conversation breathe. It should be up on Soundcloud soon and I’ll post the link when it is.

I did a fun interview with Holly Flynn for Speaker TV. You can read it here

I’m super excited for tonight and tomorrow night. Both of these shows are in Melbourne.

Tonight- Friday Oct 9, I play The Caravan Club. It’s in Oakleigh. I think it’s sold out.

Tomorrow- Saturday Oct 10, I play The Spotted Mallard. There are still a few tix left.

So yes – I got this new cd. It’s all happening so fast. I need to put it up online. Right now it’s only available at shows.

This tour is nutso magutso. Meeting great people. I want all my friends to meet each other. I have a plan to bring everyone together. Through music. I know a lot of other musicians from all over this planet and I know a lot of music lovers. I’m letting it all gestate. The seeds are sowing.

Jay Blakesberg takes cool photos.

Damn. Blue Jays lost game 1.

Have a great day.

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Headed to Melbourne 

I was having breakfast this morning in Brisbane and this chicken walked up to me and goes-
“Hey mate. I’m glad you’re eating porridge. I’m a big fan of your music. When’s your next show?”

“Umm. I didn’t know chickens could talk. That’s cool you’re into my music. My next couple of shows are in Melbourne. What’s your favorite song?”

“I really like that song you sing about breaking the yolks and making a smiley face. My friends think it’s really offensive but I’m a twisted chicken and I love sick humor.”

“What’s your view on McNuggets?”

“Yuck! Vile proletariat food. I’m more into duck liver pate. I like knowing I’m eating my distant cousin’s liver.”

“Right on sista. Hope to see you in Melbs.”

Next stop Melbourne.

Friday Oct 9 Caravan Club

Saturday Oct 10 Spotted Mallard

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Brisbane tonight.  Wednesday. Oct 7. The future for some of you. 

Abnormal Heights!
Sometimes I get to fly. It’s super exhilarating. Almost like I can touch the sky.

This cool pic was taken by a girl named Katrina last week in San Diego. On Instagram she can be found at @dani_kat_

Thank you to her pal Zeli for sending me this.

It’s Wednesday morning here in Brisbane Queensland Australia.

That means I play my FINAL Queensland show tonight. Right here in Brisbane at The Old Museum. The shindig starts at 8 in the eve. If you’d like to obtain duckets to my recital then please grab them by venturing here

Tell everyone. Even total strangers.

I love you all. The misfits, the wild ones, the weirdos and the freaks. See ya later. Gator.

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Austin or Australia?

There are other places that start with Aust— like….
Austin. Texas.

I just got word that there AREN’T many tickets left for my extravaganza there on November 14. It’s a Saturday. At Strangebrew. Early show. 7. P. M. Y. E. A. H. B. O. I.

Do you like Austin? Have you ever been there? Flights are super cheap from Australia to Austin. Aren’t they?

All my Australia pals need to meet my Austin pals. Let’s make it happen.

Anyhoo- this show has low amounts of tickets left. If you would like one then I think we can make a back alley deal.

Go to this back alley to procure pieces of paper that allow entry to the aforementioned event-

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Cool interview with Andrew Ford on ABC radio

I was dreaming of my pinball game I was playing. It was an Elvis game in Coogee.

I keep waking up pretty early here in Australia. For some dang reason my eyes start opening at 5am. I usually look at the clock and say to myself “eff this noise. I need to go back to sleep.” But then I usually think “I need to check the baseball scores.” Then next thing you know, I’m awake.

This festival was so much fun. Thank you Caloundra. Great people. I loves ya.

I get to play Brizzy (Brisbane) this Wednesday at The Old Museum. Gonna be totes auce.

Here in Australia when you check into a hotel they don’t ask to see your car registration they ask to see your rego pronounced rejjo. “Scribble your rego here mate. Good onya.”

Hey- I was on a really cool ABC radio show with the stellar interviewer Andrew Ford. The show is produced by the wonderful Penny Lomax.

If you’d like to listen to it then you’re able to by clicking your heels three times and spinning around once and then moonwalking while whistling We Are The World.

Or you can just click this link. Linc Pete and Julie. Mod Squad that stuff.

Are you happy? Good. Have a swell day. I think my cold is on the wane. Hocking up major lugies.

Here’s the radio interview

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How are you guys doing? I hope you’re well. Crazy news back home with shootings in one of my favorite places—>Oregon.

Are people ever going to get it together? Makes my heart sad. I think of all the families and the residual effects.

I swear to you right now I’m closing my eyes and meditating on love. I appreciate knowing you and meeting new friends.

You know, I try to stay positive out here on the road but today I woke up with a cold and read bad news. I gotta stay positive. I don’t work well on negativity. It doesn’t suit me. I don’t wear it well. This too shall pass. I need it to pass.

Let’s be kind to one and other. Please.

Let me state for the record that I hate guns. I understand that some people love them. I get it. We’re all different. But me? I hate them. I have no use for them. I have lots of friends who love them and that’s fine. They’re still my friends. Me? My guitar is my gun. Today I will play a show here at this festival and I will bring people together with all my heart. You can fucking count on it.

Yes, my guitar is my weapon and it shoots love vibes. If you’re into that sort of thing then you’re in the right place.

I play today and tomorrow at Caloundra Music Fest. Australia!

I love you. xoxo

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Just loos

This is where I went pee at this festival. Just loos. It was very clean and urine shot out of my wiener and then I washed my hands.

Hello Australia.

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Welcome to Straya

Welcome to Straya mate. Drivin south today because it’s Friday down under. Headed to Narooma. Got a fun festival to play.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Fremde, etranger, stranger
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay
Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret

Mein Damen und Herren,Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen! Guten Abend, bon soir, Wie geht’s? Comment ca va? Do you feel good? I bet you do! Ich bin euer, je suis votre compere… I am your host.
Und sage,
Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret

Leave your troubles outside,
So- life is disappointing? Forget it!
We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful… The girls are beautiful… Even the orchestra, is beautiful.
You see, I told you the orchestra, is beautiful.

Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Poltzaret, au Poltzaret, to Poltzaret

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Good morning Australia 

Good morning Sydney Australia. I slept till 4 am which isn’t as good as I wanted but not too shabby. I swear last night at 7pm I was walking through the streets like a zombie. I could’ve just fallen asleep on the sidewalk and let people pass right over me.

I came back and took a nice hot bath and was out like a deadman at 8pm. I woke at 2 and said “eff this, I’m going back to sleep” and made it to 4am. So, it’s Thursday morning and I’m going to do a bunch of radio today to promote the tour.

Tonight I have my first show of the tour. It’s here in Sydney. Actually Coogee. At Coogee Diggers! Eight 8 eight 8 eight. That’s what time it starts.

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