Quick story- WARNING- this video shows men’s butt cracks.

People that come see my shows are weirdos. I guess weirdo attracts weirdos.

I like weirdos!

OK- a few years back I got very sick. Stroke, hospital, loss of vision disorientation etc.

I have crazy folks who like my music. Some are in Britain.

After I was released from hospital a cool dude in the USA named Joel Freimark was going to make a video of a bunch of folks singing snippets of a Rugburns song I wrote called Dick’s Automotive. I’m not sure if he ever made the video but it was a good idea. He thought it would cheer me up. Sometimes good ideas never come to fruition. I guess Joel secretly reached out to folks and asked them to send videos. Well- these cats definitely took it seriously. There’s a part of the song where we say “we’re goin’ on a picnic, we’re goin’ on a picnic!”

The audience usually goes nuts and screams along.

Well- yesterday morning I woke up at a house in the suburbs of London. I’d played a house concert the night before. So, we’re eating brekkie and this dude Bob decides to whip out this video he made. I almost spit out my tea I was laughing so hard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I won’t give Bob’s full name but he’s married to the lovely Barbara Mcloughlin.

Have a great Monday.