Thoughts on losing my mom-

The overwhelming amount of support has been incredible. I can’t thank you guys enough.

So many friends have reached out and I’m eternally grateful.

I’ve been with my dad everyday since her passing and we’ve spent whole days going through her belongings and rearranging their place. So many tears and so many memories.

We’ve gone out to the movies twice. We saw The Mule and we also saw Green Book. It’s been a nice distraction. My dad loves going out to the movies as much as I do. We’ve had dinner together every night. It’s a blessing to have him around. I’ve completely cleared my schedule through Jan 5. There’s so many things to do when someone close to you passes. You have to deal with death certificates and doctor and dental appointments and social security and old clothes and knickknacks. There are so many phone calls to make. Each time I speak with someone the tears start flowing again. It’s healing. I’m all in.

This experience is bringing me even closer to my father. It’s also bringing me closer to my sister and niece and nephews. Kathy has been laid up with a nasty flu bug. This whole ordeal has been so stressful.

One of things I’ll miss the most about my ma is our New York Times Op Ed discussions. I don’t have anybody to do that with anymore. We were both NYT junkies. I’d call her up and say “did you see the article Maureen Dowd wrote? Did you read Gail Collins’ piece? What do you think about the latest David Brooks article on religion? Oh my god did read Ross Douthat’s article about the election? Did you see that beautiful Roger Cohen piece about Israel? Did you read Thomas Friedman’s op-ed about Palestine? Did you read Michelle Goldberg’s article this morning?”

I mean, this went on and on and on. She was so smart. That’s what I’ll miss the most.

I’m gonna get back out on the road in January because that’s what you’d want me to do. I love you.

I found this cool photograph from many years ago and it made think about my mom. She was a great English teacher and choir director. She also played guitar and piano. She always used to say to me “Steven, remember these three things when writing- Who was there, what happened and how did it make you feel?”

Well ma- we were in Pasadena California and you were there and I was there. You were squeezing me and I was laughing. It made me feel safe and loved. Thank you.