Remember when we were younger? Before the internet. You might hear of bad news but then you’d go on with your day.

– “Hey Mokie! Let’s go play catch outside. I got a new mitt and I want to break it in.”

– “Ok cool! Hey, did you hear about so and so. She died in a car accident. And then some maniac shot up a Luby’s Cafeteria.”

– “Oh man. That’s horrible. Can you check out my new mitt? I oiled it and shoved it under my mattress and slept on it to try to break it in. It’s a Rawlings.”

There wasn’t Facebook. There wasn’t an endless echo chamber. I didn’t even know whether someone was a Democrat or a Republican. We went to Winchell’s Donuts and talked about our paper routes and if we could maybe get jobs bagging groceries at Market Basket. We could join the union. They pay time and half on holidays.

Now – to some of you I may sound like an old man talking about the old days. And I sure do love the internet. I get to publicize shows and catch up with old and new friends and see what you ate for dinner and what you thought of a new film.

I don’t really even know what I’m trying to say. I’m kind of lost. Everybody is shattered. Tom Petty dies. We all have stories. We are saddened.

Puerto Rico. Las Vegas. Houston. On and on. Guns guns guns. NRA.

I know everyone’s political beliefs. You guys definitely know mine. You know how I feel about our current president.

But hey- the good old days. The Goodle Days.

We sure had us some fun. I didn’t know who you voted for. I didn’t really care. I had music to make. We had cassette release parties. Merriment. Happiness. Love.

It’s still here. Happiness is right here. It stares at you everyday. Look at the parking lot with new eyes. I promise you. Miracles happen every single facking day. They really do. I love my friends. They’re all quite different. Different views. But I love em.

Be the joy you want to see. You only have a limited amount of sunsets left. Don’t waste them. Remember to breathe in good things. Meditate. Meditate on love and patience.

Smile at a stranger. Today. Go do this now. It’s simple. Hold a door open for your fellow humans. Let people in.

You’re gonna be ok. You got this. I believe in you.