Waking Up In Oklahoma City

I thought I was in Halifax at Uncle Bud’s house having tea, but when I woke up I realized I was in OKC. It’s really sunny outside this morning and my guitar just told me to strum it. So I’ll make a cup of tea and stare out at the blue sunny crisp cool Oklahoma City horizon and aimlessly fingerpick Smokey Joe and hopefully fall back asleep. Sleep is your friend when you’re in the middle of a long haul tour. The Waffle House is not your friend. You may think the Waffle House is your friend when it’s 2am and nothing else is open, buy it’s not. You’ll wake up feeling greasy no matter how many times you brush your teeth, and you’ll be thirstier than a stranded man in the Sahara with an empty canteen.

The good news is that I get to see my crazy Okie friend Greg Johnson. He owns The Blue Door and he’s bat shit crazy. When we talk we talk and talk about Woody Guthrie, healthcare for all, Leo’s BBQ, baseball and Jimmy Webb……on and on….
When Greg introduces me on stage at his club
He calls me a washed up punk rocker masquerading as a folk singer. I usually insult him from the stage and he just shakes his head and threatens to turn off the power on me. His wife Tina sits up front and just smiles at the whole thing. The Blue Door doesn’t sell beer so people bring in their own coolers full of beer or wine or whatever. There’s crazy history in that room and if you’ve never been there then you need to make the pilgrimage. Everyone has played there. I think even Liberace played there and Leon Russell and Plato and Jesus. It’s that old.
Onward and upward,

One More Show Tonight at The Carleton in Halifax

This is what it looked like after the show at The Carleton last night. I was a tired puppy. Woof. But the good news is that I get to play the same venue tonight. My last Halifax show for a while. There are still some tix available so get a flight from anywhere. I don’t care if you’re in The Yukon or Morocco. Just do it. Just do it. I should sell that slogan to a tennis shoe company.
As you can see by this picture, I trashed the stage. I’m going to do it again tonight. Even worse.

If you like the header at the top of this website then I suggest you also make one for me. It can be anything. The weirder and quirkier the better. The one I’m using right now was sent to me by Fred Salzmann out of Houston Texas. He took those photos at The Mucky Duck and put em together. He’s awesome.
Thanks Fred!
The image must be 940×198
Send it to poltzme@gmail.com
If I like it I’ll put it up top. It’s going to be constantly changing. It doesn’t have to be a picture of me. It can be anything. A drawing, photo, whatever.
See you tonight in Nova Scotia
Oh Canada!

Halifax it Is — subtitled — grateful

Hello Friends,

I’m sitting on my United flight 7626 en route to Halifax andI have a sense of peace and calm about me. This is a strange thing. I never really feel at peace or that relaxed. It only happens on rare occasions. For some reason I always feel really happy when I’m about to arrive in Halifax. I’m convinced that my body has a homing device in it and it knows that this is where I was born and it releases happy juices from my spinal fluid into my brain. I’ve always been very restless and fidgety like a hummingbird. ADD ADHD and ODD. But right now at this very momentI feel grateful and jacuzzi relaxed. I could almost cry. Almost.

Thanks for being my friend.
Hellooooo Nova Scotia!
Let’s party like it’s 1960.

Besos y abrazos,

Farewell Nova Scotia

I played a house concert here last week in Petite Riviere Nova Scotia. You know, just across the water from Lunenburg. That yellow house was bought for 1 dollar and transported 60 kilometers to this pristine location by an architect and a hand therapist. They cooked me lobster and I sang songs. I got the best of the trade.
Last night I played a benefit show in Halifax for Habitat For Humanity and we raised 70,000 dollars. Someone’s going to end up with a cool house. The show was amazing and there were 3 other artists on the bill— Stephen Fearing, Christina Martin and Old Man Luedecke. They’re all amazing and I demand that you check ’em out.
I leave tomorrow morning for loads of new adventures.
I love you all,

Oh Happy Day! Ma Mawski Madre Mama Mia!

Watching you iron clothes and cry while JFK’s funeral played on a black and white tv
+ Making one of a kind work of art delicious spaghetti by taste without a recipe
+ Kissing my freshly wasp stung head whie handing me a sherbert flavored pushup
+ Telling me you loved me when I didn’t make the basketball team
+ Making me practice my guitar everyday for at least an hour
+ Driving me to baseball
+ Driving faster than ever to the vet with Bojo on my lap after he got hit by a car
+ Letting Mokie spend the night
+ Helping me with my creative writing class
+ Walking through the library with me to find Hardy Boys stories
+ Watching the Dodgers with Dad and I even though you’d rather be reading
+ Taking me back to Halifax where I was born to meet all the cousins
+ Singing me to sleep with beautiful songs
+ playing guitar and piano with me
= laughter, love and beauty
Pluses add up to billions and trillions and gazillions +++++++++++++++++++
Today I head back to Halifax for 3 shows in a row Sunday Monday and Tuesday and I’ll take all of the pluses in my life and somehow put them into a lyrical casserole that you are responsible for, and for that, I am forever indebted to you.
In the lottery drawing of Mothers I won the Lotto. Winner winner chicken dinner!
Thanks for everything Mom.
If I concentrate hard enough I can transport myself back the picture of you on the telephone posing with me while Dad snapped the black Kodak box. What a wonderful ride it’s been. Bumps and all I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I love you,

Cool New T-shirts

So I was cruising around antique bookstores in Katoomba, Australia and I found this really expensive old book on penguins from the early 1900’s.
I said to myself “Dang Steve. That would make a really cool t-shirt. You should put it on a green American Apparel Tee and reference your new album ‘Dreamhouse.'”
But then I said to myself “You idiot. What does a penguin have to do with a dreamhouse?”
Then I told that voice to shut up.
Then I took a pic of the book and had my friend in Halifax sketch it on a t-shirt. So here it is. It’s available on this website or at the Belly Up show tomorrow.
Here’s a preview of the show
See ya,