New Video For License Plate Eyes (Be A Green Bean!)

My friend Jeff Wiant just shot and put together this video for License Plate Eyes! There’s footage of me with Joel Plaskett in the studio mixing and creating the song. I shot the recording studio footage with my mustache and my iPhone and Jeff and Gregory Page both shot the other 2 camera angles of me in blue cast.
Thanks Jeff for the fabulous editing job.
Thanks Joel for producing such a cool cd.
Thanks Gregory for the friendship.
Thanks Dana Cutler for always putting up my tour dates.
Thanks to Louis at Lestat’s for letting us shoot video there yesterday
Canadian dates are being added!
P.S. if you like the song then cool! Buy the record. It’s online. Then I’ll have gas money to come to your city.

Amor et melle et felle est fecundissmismus

Love is rich with both honey and venom. I guess that’s what makes it so exciting. I should open a smoothie bar and sell honey and venom shakes. I have a feeling these drinks would sell like slices of pizza to a group of stoned freshman in their first semester of college. I could probably retire and not have to travel so much. But I’d miss the excitement of the shows and the seductive pull of the stage. All I know is that I leave for Toronto on Tuesday and it’s one city that I’m always to happy to visit. This time I’m fixing to drive in from Buffalo. I just checked the weather and it should be a balmy 30 degrees when I land. That’s not too bad except for the fact that it’s 30 degrees. My Dad says I should get a flu shot but I have a theory that they’re dangerous and I don’t trust them. I wonder if I’m just paranoid and I would like your opinions.
1. Do you guys trust flu shots?
2. Is there any money backing our U.S. dollar?
New Years Eve is starting to look like a great show at The Casbah in San Diego
It starts with- Gregory Page
Then- Steve Poltz (me!) and The cynics
next up The Truckee Brothers (full 4 piece band action!)
Finally….. ring in the new year with……… The Rugburns!
That’s quite a lineup.
Are there any questions?

Le Anthem Nacional con mi amigo Gregoir Page y su Tio David

I guess someone did film us singing the National Anthem after all. My manager sent me a link to this. This is a lo-fi clip of us singing at Petco Park. For those of you that don’t know Gregory Page, I suggest you check him out. I met him years ago at a now closed club called Megolopolis here in San Diego. It was a foggy night and we stood outside after the club closed discussing our love of James Taylor. We spoke in hushed tones because it was uncool for a guy like me in The Rugburns and a guy like Gregory Page in a goth band Baba Yaga to have a love for the Martha’s Vineyard living mellow folkie. We couldn’t help ourselves and Gregory even showed me his peace sign tattoo that he got because he heard James had one.
We’re still good friends and we probably talk everyday for at least 10 seconds. He puts out a cd every time he goes to the bathroom. Collect them all and you won’t be sorry. He traveled with me for years in The Rugburns and played bass and sang his big ol’ heart out. I hope you get to see him play live sometime because he will blow your minds.
That’s Gregory’s Uncle David Page on the drum. He makes his own drums! Then he sells them to people like you.
Anyways, I hope you dig the Anthem because we sure had fun singing it. We were real nervous and almost peed our pants. We did it in the key of scaredy cat.


I broke a G string on The National Anthem and nobody knew (woo hoo!)

This was a really fun day. Wait- this was a stellar day! I got to sing The National Anthem with my dear pal Gregory Page and his Uncle Dave before The Padres game today. Not only did the Padres sweep The Diamondbacks by winning all 3 games of this week’s series but I got to break a G string which means I must have really rocked. After the Anthem I was in a post-show bliss. Then after the game we got to hang with future hall of famer Trevor Hoffman (on my right) and last year’s Cy Young award winner Jake peavy (on my left) while the trainer fixed them with all kinds of drugs and whatnot. Just kidding about the drugs man.
During the game I got to give advice to Padres CEO Sandy Alderson (white shirt) and it seemed like he really listened. I need to get some sleep because I have an early flight to Mississippi.
This day ruled!

In case you were wondering…

Because I am a patriot and I love this country. Because I believe we need to change direction. Because with the world’s eyes upon us this is our finest hour with a great chance to make history and turn this country around. Because I believe we need a measured thinker with a calm demeanor and a born leader with enough sense to listen and make adjustments for the greater good of the country. If you feel like I do or even if you don’t, please register to vote and use that right for whatever you believe, but please do get out and vote. Vote your mind and your conscience and your heart. I can’t stand it when somebody tells me who to vote for so please understand that I am just asking you to register to vote and get your friends to do the same.
I believe we have been duped by a haze of fear mongering leaders who don’t have anyone’s back but their own. People who have somehow hijacked the flag of The United States of America and questioned the patriotism and loyalty of anyone who would dare doubt them. I’m sick and tired of it and am ready for change. On November 4th, 2008 I hope we have a record turnout to the polls.
To register to vote please click here.
P.S. I will be singing the National Anthem with Gregory Page at Wednesday’s Padres vs. Diamondbacks baseball game. The game starts at 12:30 pm. We sing at around 12:20

New Shows! Just Updated at 3:02 pm pacific time hell yeah Dre!

sorry about not writing the last couple of days
I was booking new shows!
hope to see you
Aug 17
Snowbird Cool Air Concert Series
2 pm afternoon show
web info
Aug 19
Hugh’s Room (Live Tour Presents)
2261 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6R 1X6, Canada
(416) 531-6604
Aug 20
Black Sheep Inn
420 Riverside Drive, Wakefield, Quebec, J0X 3G0
(819) 459-3228
Aug 21
Moonshine Cafe
137 Kerr Street
Oakville, ON L6K 3A6, Canada
(905) 844-2655
Aug 22
Irish Mountain Guest House
Aug 27
(National Anthem @ Padres vs. Diamondbacks)
singing duo with Gregory Page
Aug 28
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Starkville, Mississippi
Aug 29
The New Daisy Theatre
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Memphis, Tennessee
Aug 30
(opening for Paul Thorn)
Jackson, Mississippi
Sept 11
The Moore
Seattle Wa
(opening for Jewel)
Sept 12
Ramona Ca
Cheers of Ramona
Sept 13
Private Party
Sept 17
San Diego Music Awards
playing 2 songs live with The Cynics
Viejas Concerts in the Park
San Diego Ca
Vote Here
friday, september 19th
bend – dallas
location tba
tickets at
saturday, september 20th
hill country galleria
bee caves,
Austin, Texas
ticketless show / free show
sunday, september 21st
bend – houston
508 pecore street
tickets at

Sept 26
WOLFVILLE, N.S. CANADA Deep Roots Music Festival
Sept 27
WOLFVILLE, N.S. CANADA Deep Roots Music Festival
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Oct 22
Sleepy Creek Vineyards
Fairmount, IL
Oct 23
Cedarburg Cultural Center
Oct 24
Oct 30
for tix email:
20th Century Theatre