Steve Poltz Announces West Coast Dates

June 9, 2018 (UPI)

by Peeve Stoltz

Nutso Magutso troubadour Steve Poltz has finished packing and is ready to hit the road for some west coast dates.

“I’ve packed lots of merch and guitar strings and socks. I feel pretty prepared,” Poltz said.

We spoke by telephone as the singer was rushing for his flight out of Nashville.

“I’ve learned how to play a g chord so I’m really excited to play this forbidden chord at some of my club dates. I won’t always use a g chord but some of the times I probably might or might not but most likely will if I can remember the shape,” said the confused sounding songwriter.

Poltz fell asleep and wasn’t available to speak any longer because he needed a nap.

Here are the dates-

June 10- Portland OR- The Old Church Concert Hall

June 11-Seattle WA- Fremont Abbey

June 13- Anchorage AK- Studio 2200

June 14- Palmer Ak- Klondike Mike’s

June 15- Anchorage Ak- Chilkoot Charlie’s

June 16- Homer AK- Alice’s Champagne Palace

June 20-La Jolla CA- Birch Aquarium

June 22- San Luis Obisbo CA- Bang The Drum Brewery

June 24- Santa Monica CA- McCabe’s Guitar Shop

June 30- San Francisco- Swedish American Hall

July 1- Novato CA- Hopmonk Tavern

July 2- Trinidad CA- Trinidad Town Hall

July 3- Redding CA- Vintage Wine Bar

July 5- Felton CA- Flynn’s Cabaret (formerly Don Quixote’s)

July 6-8- Quincy CA- High Sierra Music Festival

July 14- Navarro CA- The Redwood Ramble

July 28 – Cisco Park CA- Guitarfish Festival