Miracle of all miracles. My dad Joe Poltz just got released from the hospital!

4 days ago the doctors told me it could go either way and to prepare for possibly the worst. But here he is!Alive and kicking.

He’s super weak but that’s what 10 days in the hospital with pneumonia will do to you when you’re soon to be 89. Or any age for that matter.

Oh yeah, he also had a couple heart attacks. Yikes!

Look at that horrible bruise down his left arm.

Thanks so much for all your positive wishes and prayers and candles and everything else. I believe they helped.

He’s got some rehab to do to get walking again but the first thing I did was sit him in the beautiful sunshine. He was so pale.

So many people reached out and I’m super appreciative.

A highlight for my dad was when Dave Roberts (manager of The Dodgers) personally called my dad and said “Joe, I wanna talk baseball with you.” My dad has been a Dodger fan since 1960 and he was shocked! Thanks to Tim Flannery coming in for a visit and helping set this up!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m crying as I type this.