Little victories.

Last night my show at The Dakota Tavern was sold out.

Thank you Toronto.

I used to not be able to draw even 12 people to C’est What.

I am not an overnight success. I’m still taking the world by donkey. Things have always taken a long time for me. I play people’s houses! I play gas stations! I’ve been everywhere man.

But last night was a little victory.

It reminds me of when I got the presidential physical fitness seal of approval award. It was signed by Richard Nixon! It wasn’t easy to get that award. Dammit all.

Life is weird. I don’t mean to sound all gooey and sentimental but it really means a lot to me that folks are coming out to hear music and stories from this weirdo.

It’s a slow build for me. But I am going to one day sell out a laundromat! Oh heck yes. Maybe even Massey Hall. But I love The Dakota. Cool funky vibe. I’d be happy doing 5 nights in a row at that venue.

I play a house tonight in Bowmanville Ontario. A house!

I play another house tomorrow in Burlington Ontario.

You can come to these shows. Ticket info is on my website.

Oh yeah. I got 13 years!