All these wondrous fruits are bathing together in the morning sunlight. They’re just waiting to be eaten.

The banana says “I’m perfectly ripe. Please slice me and put me on some beautiful toasted baguette with fresh almond butter and a small dab of local honey.”

But the avocado replies “excuse me madam, but I feel I’m better suited for today’s brekkie. Smash me on toast with a few black and red pepper flakes and a slight drizzle of olive oil.”

Then the pretty heirloom tomatoes say “we agree with the avocado dude. But you need to slice us up and put us on top with our cherry tomato brethren.”

Then I say “I think I’ll eat all of you. I’ll do the bananas and almond butter for dessert. I always go with savory and before sweet.”

Have a peaceful Sunday. Xx