So I was moving some stuff around in my Dad’s apartment. We were reorganizing and tossing out various pieces of furniture and old clothes and vases and dust collectors.

My dad told me that before my mom died she told him she would try to contact him from the other side. If, there was another side. He said they weren’t really sure what they believed.

Anyways, My father kept telling me stories about my mom as we were pursuing old photographs. At one point he said to me “a couple of months before your mom died we wanted to start playing gin rummy. We used to love that game. We looked all over but didn’t even have a deck of playing cards. We had all this other crap from this store called Homegoods. We looked everywhere and I couldn’t believe we couldn’t find one deck of damn cards. So we never got play one last game”

We both sighed and got back to moving stuff around. We picked up this little bookshelf full of dusty old novels and as we moved it something fell out and hit my dad’s feet. We both looked down at the same time and it was this pack of cards. They even said “gin rummy” on them. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both got goosebumps and let the tears fly.

Oh hi mom! Very strange.