I don’t know how I can travel this much and play so many shows in a row and never get sick. But if I were just hanging out for a long time resting then I’d catch a cold. They need to learn to isolate whatever chemical the body makes when touring really hard. That’s the chemical of a good defense system. I love it when I have 37 shows in a row without a day off because I tell my body that it’s not allowed to get sick. So I’m convinced the chemicals conjure up a super army to fight off bad guys.
Uh oh. I may have just jinxed myself. Jinxy the cat.

Ashland tonight

The Elkton Oregon show was sweet last night. Sweet like melted chocolate and marshmallows and graham crackers. It was a s’mores type show. This little hamlet has a special place in my heart. My friend Denny when he was alive used to cook me fabulous meals take me to the river. I miss him. Last night I pretended he was at the show.
Thank you Elkton! I’ll be back.

Tonight I play Ashland Oregon. It’s going to be a really fun house concert. Potluck starts at 7pm. Bring something scrumptious! Here’s the address 842 Blaine St Ashland Oregon. Email for more info.
See you tonight. xo

Song Camp Mash Up

A girl drew this mash up of my songwriting talk at The Americana Song Camp at Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters Oregon. She just showed me her page and I had to laugh. I realized she was taking notes from a crazy person. How did I get this gig? I would totally kick me out.
The artist’s name? Her name is Maren Burck here’s her Tumblr