We live in different realities. Different tribes. We see what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear. Alternate facts. You can find any statistic you want to use as a balm to soothe your mind. Make you feel right.

This world is in the midst of something so crazy that even I (a crazy person) am shocked.

Is it the internet? Will it eventually be our downfall? We’re divided into tribes. It’s almost impossible to get someone to switch tribes. We pick a leader and team and we back that side.

What is fake news? What is real news? Where do you get your news?

The United States has become mean. I travel a lot and I have no statistics other than what I see with my own eyeballs and this is a mean country. There are a lot of angry people out there.

It’s almost like you can’t post anything without someone trying to shout you down.

Yes there are good people. I see em everyday. It’s just that there’s an underlying hostility out there and it’s disheartening.

What is the answer?


Try to be kind. Try to be patient. Think loving thoughts. Meditate on love. It’s easier than you think. Help someone. Hold a door open. Look in someone’s eyes and engage.

Breathe deep. Exhale. Breathe deep. Exhale. Stay away from negative stuff. It can be so tempting to be drawn to negativity. But negativity is laziness in action.

We need to create new habits. Healthy mental habits. Will we do it? I don’t know. I don’t know anything.

There’s nothing wrong with discussion. It’s just that it’s so easy to be mean. Especially on the old internet.

We need to seriously invest in education. People need a leg up. We definitely need more music programs. Lots more music. Let’s make a new citizens united and call it citizens united in bringing music and education to the masses.

The one thing I truly believe in is the power of music. It heals. It’s good to create. Make up a song. Make up a poem. Draw something. Remember to play. If we forget to play then we forget to smile. If we forget to smile we are doomed. Do you want to be doomed? I don’t.

Are you smiling? I would be happy if you were smiling right now. I mean right now. At this moment if you’re still reading this. A smile is a drug. Free drugs! Everyone wants free drugs! Well- a smile is a drug. Smiles are known to spread positivity.

Maybe it all starts with a smile.

What the f__k do I know?

I’m smiling right now.

Portland Oregon Just added! June 10th

Breaking News! I added a show in Portland OrEgOn! Everyone was saying “dude, you’re playing Seattle, why not add a PDX show?” And I mean everyone. Baristas and strangers and even cats and dogs. The cats were like “meow meow Portland.” The dogs said “ruff ruff sniff yer butt Portland.”

So voila- June 10th. Sunday. The night before my seattle show.

Sunday June 10th. The Old Church Concert Hall Portland Oregon.

Please share. Help. It’s really soon. Get yer tix here

Sweet dreams from Joshua Tree

In the desert I can dream a million dreams and let my worries flutter away like ticker tape in some forgotten parade. Everything fades into a beautiful pastiche and the dry breeze feels welcome. Cottontail bunny rabbits scatter when I walk near like they’re up to no good but they’re probably more worried about lurking coyotes. Tonight I get to fall asleep in a strange bed in a strange house. I’m a welcome interloper and a key has been left for me near a cactus to my left. I have a WiFi passcode and a fridge filled with someone else’s food. Maybe I’ll eat an apple. They won’t miss it. Goodnight to all my pals wherever you may be. I’m a sleepy troubadour with a busy head. Sleep come free me. Watch out for the rattlesnakes. Xx

McCabes Guitar Shop June 24

I love L.A.! And I really love Santa Monica California. I get to play at McCabe’s Guitar Shop Sunday June 24.

I hope you drive up or drive down. Or walk up or down. Walking in L.A. nobody walks in L.A.

I remember years ago when I took Anastasia to see Loudon Wainwright lll at McCabe’s. I think it was around 1990 or 89. Who can remember these things?

All I know is I was sitting there watching Loudo play and I said to myself “I want to play here. I love this venue. I can do this.”

He inspired me. I was in The Rugburns at the time. We were starting to tour. I’d already played solo as a busker for passing change across Europe.

Anyways, I thought that it would be so cool play solo and tell stories. Loudon totally gave me hope that maybe one day if I kept practicing and working at my craft that I may be able to make this a life long career.

A couple years ago I played a show with Loudon in Dallas TX at The Kessler. I told him that story. He genuinely seemed interested and even watched my set. He knew me from my tour with his son Rufus. We laughed and I almost started crying telling him how much he meant to me. This makes me smile now.

Anyways- here I am after all these years and McCabe’s is now a regular tour stop for me. I visualized my future! My Dad always told me to visualize the kind of career you want. Imagine what it feels like to be doing your dream job.

Well, I’m doing my dream job. I still love it just as much today as I did 30 years ago.

So I hope to see you at McCabe’s. These shows sell out get tix here.

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