What happens when we die? I just found out.

What happens when we die? Dot com. I’ll tell ya- (I just found out what happens) it’s pretty cool.

1. You see a white light. A flash. A tunnel.

2. Someone hands you a homemade pop-tart. Toasted to perfection.

3. You walk through the tunnel past the 7/11 (they’re everywhere man. They’re everywhere)

4. At the end of the tunnel there’s a woman ironing her hair. She smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and she hands you a robe.

5. Abe Lincoln watches you undress and put on the robe and he whisks you away in a jet propelled golf cart. You notice your robe is edible and tastes like … your favorite food ever.

6. Frida Kahlo paints your portrait and gives you a mustache even if you don’t have or want one.

7. Gandhi plays a beautiful melody on a lute and you start crying.

8. A gang of men and women wearing lederhosen throw grapes at your face but nothing touches you.

9. You fall asleep on a mattress that makes you feel weightless.

10. You wake up and everything makes sense. You have no needs. Maslow Schmazlo.

11. A woman walks into a room with a clipboard and shows you your greatest hits and misses. (Don’t worry – You’re able to laugh)

12. You’re turned into an angel.

13. You try to help people but they can’t hear you so you leave them clues. Sometimes they see the clues and sometimes they’re not looking or listening.

14. There’s a great selection of books and the latest films and a 24 hour chef.

15. You have no bills.

It’s pretty chill. Don’t worry. It’s all gonna work out. Elvis is there.

16. Eventually you are reincarnated and depending on the life you lived you get a great new life or a not so great life. Everyone is always making some sort of progress. Forward or backward.

Time isn’t real. Everything is anything. Nothing is really real. We make our rules. We have the power. We just forget. We forget that it’s all a game.

I hope this helps and clears a few things up. Some aliens in a

UFO picked me up last night and gave me this info. Do what you want with it.


Getting ready for the next 3 shows in the vicinity of Sydney Australia.

Let’s do this. Fueled by the caffeination society of roasted beans handed down from our ancestors.

Sydney Australia! You have many chances to come to one of my shows. These are all within your reach!

‪Fri Mar 23 The Bunker, Coogee Diggers ‬

‪Coogee, NSW, Australia‬

‪Sat Mar 24 Leadbelly ‬

‪Newtown, NSW, Australia‬

‪Sunday Mar 25 Brass Monkey ‬

‪Cronulla, NSW, Australia‬

Passenger side

I drove on the left side of the road through Sydney Australia in rush hour traffic today like a champion ice trucker. Bicycles, taxis, truck drivers, motorcycles delivering blood, ambulances, buses, fire trucks and pedestrians. I hit no one.

Then, when all was said and done, I stopped for gas and when I got back in the car, I got in on the passenger side and sat there like dummy looking for the steering wheel.

Now it’s time to play a show.

This has been a another dispatch from the road.

High Sierra Music Festival

I know where I’ll be July 5-8th. Yes! High Sierra Music Festival! As sure as my name is on this poster I’ll be trampling through the daisies with a guitar in hand howling songs of reckless joy to the grinning revelers bouncing in the grass. Lazy dragonflies will dive bomb from the heavens and the clouds will puff into cumulus shapes reminiscent of Bigfoot sitting at a desk solving quantum physics mysteries while the ghost of Stephen Hawking recites the poems of Walt Whitman in a computer voice replete with robotic harmonies. It’s going to be so perfect. So beautiful. I can’t contain myself. I love you. Xx

More info here and get your discounted tickets here before prices go up on Tuesday, 3/27!

Rolling along!

Photo by @radie8 ! Now headed over yonder to here

Wed 21 Mar Lizotte’s – Newcastle ‬

‪Lambton, NSW, Australia‬

‪Thurs 22 Mar Camelot Lounge ‬

‪Sydney, NSW, Australia‬

‪Fri 23 Mar The Bunker, Coogee Diggers ‬

‪Coogee, NSW, Australia‬

‪Sat 24 Mar Leadbelly ‬

‪Newtown, NSW, Australia‬

‪Sunday 25 Mar Brass Monkey ‬

‪Cronulla, NSW, Australia‬

‪Wed 28 Mar 2018 Nowra Golf Club ‬

‪Nowra, NSW, Australia‬

The Brass Monkey Cronulla Lizzotes Leadbelly Newtown Camelot Lounge Marrickville

It’s a big stage

Whenever I play a show on a big stage I think of Country Dick Montana of The Beat Farmers.

Many moons ago at 4am in Kelly’s Pub in San Diego they let us (the Rugburns) stay in the bar after hours. Never a good idea. Or maybe it was. Anyhow, Country Dick showed up and put his arm around me and and said “It’s a big stage scumbag, use it all!”

I say that phrase to myself a lot. And then I smile and walk out and play my gig.

Cool Photo by David Harris

Upcoming New South Wales Shows!

Tues 20 Mar The Acoustic Picnic

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Wed 21 Mar Lizotte’s – Newcastle

Thurs 22 Mar Camelot Lounge

Sydney – Marrickville , NSW,

Fri 23 Mar The Bunker, Coogee Diggers -Coogee NSW

Sat 24 Mar Leadbelly

Newtown, NSW

Sunday 25 Mar Brass Monkey

Cronulla, NSW,

Wed 28 Mar 2018 Nowra Golf Club

Nowra, NSW

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