Waze vs Google

On my latest experiment with Waze vs Google Maps this happened-

I typed in the location to a venue I was playing in Kingsville Ontario 🇨🇦.

I ran both apps at the same time so sometimes they would talk over each other.

Google maps said “there is an accident that is causing major delays, traffic is heavier than usual, you will arrive at 6:15 pm.” This would make my trip 4 hours and 15 minutes.

So, I scrolled ahead on Google maps and could see exactly where the accident was. It was 2 hours ahead of me. It wasn’t routing me around the traffic – yet. So I was on the heavy bum-ness trail thinkin I was gonna arrive late for soundcheck.

Waze said I would arrive in 3 hours and 5 minutes. They had already planned on re-routing me around the accident.

So I let both apps run at the same time and forged ahead. As I was driving and got within 15 minutes of the accident causing delays Google says “we found a faster route that will save you 1 hour and ten minutes, tap yes to accept.” Of course I tapped yes.

So Google was now routing me the same way Waze was thus reducing my trip to around 3 hours.

And all these other folks that weren’t using either app were driving right ahead toward the delay.

It routed me perfectly around the accident. Both apps took the same route.

So what have I learned?

Google (which owns Waze) gave me bad news at the beginning and then acted all cool a couple hours into the trip. So Google will find the similar route as Waze but they make you wait.

Waze immediately told me my trip would be shorter than Google was telling me.

Added bonus-

The last 45 minutes of my trip I was moving pretty good. The speed limit was 100 kilometers. I was going 120. “Lead foot Magee” 120k is about 74.5 miles per hour. This is a ticket for sure in 🇨🇦.

All of a sudden the Waze lady blurted out “watch out, police spotted ahead!”

I immediately slowed down to 100k and then within 2 minutes- BOOM! There was a cop with a high tech lookin radar gun hidden around a curve. I was like “nothin to see here officer, I’m just bein’ a good citizen and drivin’ the speed limit.” And sure enough, some poor bastid flew by me and got red lighted and pulled over. Thank you Waze.

Perhaps I’ll always run both apps just for more comparisons from my many trips.

This has been another episode of Tales From The Road. Or if you’re one of my dogs I represent as an attorney for dogs then it’s Tails From The Road

PS- always have a car charger in your cigarette lighter. Especially one that has two usb inputs so your passenger can keep their phone charged too. (these apps drain your battery)

Airport livin

I feel like I live at this airport. I’ve been waiting for my lost guitar to arrive. 17 hours later I think it’s here. They just let me know. But on the bright side — look at this sunset!🇨🇦 see ya at @starlightsocialclub tonight in Waterloo.


I entered through the gate and let the dust kick up. I was parched. I figured if I kept walking I’d find water. The only thing I found was an empty bottle of rum with a couple dead flies inside. I figured they polished off the last drops and had drunken fly sex until they passed out and eventually forgot how to fly out of a bottle of rum and perished. I guess I’ll keep walking and look for a fountain.

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