Zombies and stuff

IMG_2406.JPGNipigon Ontario Canada. Many a cold winter has passed through this town. Today it's summer and this old building gets a respite from the cold winds that blow through. Inside this structure they're probably building a meth lab but it sure looks quaint from outside in a sort of foreboding cutesy tutesy kind of way. For all I know there's probably bodies hanging from the rafters and zombies aimlessly wandering around waiting for nightfall. I'm going to stay outside where I least have a fighting chance. Perhaps I'll hop the freight train that seems to rumble by like clockwork every 3 hours. I'll sing a hobo's lullaby and eat some beans from a can unless someone has a coupon for Tim Horton's. Either way, I'll be safe from the zombie apocalypse and wired on chemical laden coffee and donuts. Things are looking up and down.