You're at the finish line!

20110404-095210.jpgI'm d-u-n dun. Finished. Kaput. Adios. That was the last show of this midwest extravaganza. I hope you guys had funnn. 3 n funnn. Cubs game today at 1:20 here in Chicago and then we start driving to California. California I'm coming home. Thanks for coming out to Space last night in Evanston. I loved the venue and hope to be back real soon. Great people work there and the food was so good. Check out what they fed me---

20110404-102010.jpg Look at my bony fingers taking the pic. I needed that food and that food needed me. We needed each other. Well, I guess that salmon didn't need to die but I was hungry and it was me or the salmon. I chose me. Another cool thing happened last night. My friend Glenn Tilbrook showed up at my gig. I got him up on stage to sing his Squeeze hit Tempted! I toured with him several years back and it was so fun to catch up with him. He rocks. Here he is

20110404-103553.jpg So now we start our drive westward. See ya somewhere down the line. xo Steve