You guys are going to have to carry me

crowd-surf.jpgDear Friends, We played Madison, Wisconsin last night at Cafe Montmarte. Great venue and great people. We like Madison very much. The only problem is we had to drive all night to make it to Indianapolis for The Bob and Tom show. We arrived 10 minutes early at 6:50 am just in time to go on the air to over 200 stations. I can't believe we made it on time. There was snow everywhere along the highway and our road manager Chris drove like a champ. Bob and Tom were awesome and let me be on the air with them for ages. I must have received 100 emails from the performance so hopefully more folks get turned on to the new cds. Tonight we are playing Indy at Locals Only and we get to to sleep in for once. At least until 10 am. Then we are off to snowy Cleveland and The Beachland Ballroom. I wish my lungs would clear up and the hacking would stop. I feel like a cat choking on a fur ball. Maybe I need something to dry me out to go along with the antibiotics. I can't wait until i am back to normal. You guys are going to have to carry me the rest of the way. Love, Steve P.S. we just added The Casbah in San Diego on March 25th!

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