Yesterday Was Hectic

20110317-094053.jpgHere's a pic my good friend Daryl Macpherson took yesterday of myself with Stinky (on the cardboard box!) and John Castro on the bass. It was an action packed 30 minute set full of sweat and glory. The hinges fell off the doors and animals sang along from their respective homes and dens and cages. We gave away a free car to every member of the SXSW audience. It may have cost me millions but that's cool. I love the people who come to see me play and they're worth trillions. There isn't enough money in the Federal Reserve to back the amount of love I have for you guys. We need more gold bars or else the economy will collapse. But we'll live on love my brothers and sisters. Cookies and love.

Oh yeah- after yesterday's showcase we drove to San Antonio and played a 2 &1/2 hour set of freaky deaky proportions. It was in an old church and the sound was stellar thanks to Chris Modl-ization. Then we drove back late at night. Whew 3 am! Today we finally get a day off. This is a good thing because my body be tired. Cheerio, pip pip and all that rot eh what, (that's what my Dad always says) Steve