Yes, I'll have seconds

View from my window at The Taproot House

20110524-113708.jpg "Would you like seconds" asked Francois in his Frenchy Quebec accent. "I made all these entrees so you would have energy when you play your show tonight. Not so acidic and a bit more alkaline." So yes, the picture you'll see is a plate of seconds and thirds. I couldn't stop myself. I should have photographed the plate while it was clean on my first trip but I was so hungry I ate it all up really fast like The Fantastic Mr Fox. The meals the people make at these concerts are krazy. Some sort of corkscrew pasta with bits of tasty savory salmon and a vegetable concoction with curry and tofu and some amazing wild rice perfectly spiced oh- and let's not forget the wonderful organic salad and homemadey raspberry vinaigrette and a glass of bubbly mineral water with a thin slice of fresh lemon. Well- the food gave me lots of psycho energy. I played a show at The Taproot House in Port Williams, NS. We had a full room of Wolfville folks. They howled eerie lupine sirens and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Lucky for me the moon wasn't full or I'd be growing Wolfville fangs right about now. Good times indeed. I don't think anyone asked for their money back and no one drew blood so hopefully they were musically sated.

Today I head to Hampton, New Brunswick right near St John. Not to be confused with St John's in Newfoundland. I love being near Saint Johns! Yes sir I'm a headed to New Brunswick. Farewell Nova Scotia I bid thee adieu. I have a private house show tonight AND tomorrow on Wednesday I play a public show at The Vintage Bistro in Hampton NB. Should be splendid ish. Thanks to Francois and thanks to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Labrador, I'll be back, yes I will. I'd like seconds.