Ya No Queiro Taco Bell

taco.jpgThis was taken in a really cool dinerr somewhere in the middle of New Mexico. It was funny because the place looked scary and then inside there was this picture of the dog sick from Taco Bell. The food inside was amazing and the picture reminded me of what made me sick at the beginning of a the Traveling and Unraveling tour when Chris Modl suggested I eat a late night snack at a toxic hell drive through in Yreka California. I am off to Chicago today and I shall go see The Cubbies play. Then tomorrow on Wednesday, I play in Evanston Illinois at The Brothers K Coffee House. (500 Main Street between Chicago Ave and Hinman Ave.) My friend Erick Rudiak is opening the show. He is a Russian Jew involved in the Eastern Mafia. He has a son named Luke who already writes songs at the age of 2. The songs mastly go "goo goo ga ga goo goo goo. ga ga gaaaaa ga gag ga oooh oooh ooh ooh." The kid is a lyrical genius and I was threatened with my life if Luke doesn't get to play sometime in between Erick and myself. I chose life. Praise The Lord, SjjP P.S. More about Erick