Ya never know who you'll meet

There was this doctor that I met. Yeah. I was in Canada. I was skiing and it was all a bad dream. Shit. It wasn't a bad dream. I broke my hand for reals. It was a year ago almost to the day. So ain't it funny how life goes? The doctor I met is from Australia. He was at my broken hand show in Rossland British Columbia. He was in Canada skiing with friends and I was on stage clumsily trying to limp one handed through a show in my first day of having a cast on my left hand. I spoke of Australia while bantering away in the middle of my injured little half song. He introduced himself and we kept in sporadic touch over emails during the year. My hand ended up healing and I let him know I was coming to Australia. Next thing you know we set up a show at his beautiful home in Melbourne. We had the show on Australia Day and it was completely packed. I met this really cool band who opened the show named Tinpan Orange and I love love love them. Check them out here. We played a cover of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Nothing compares to sweet Hank Williams song as the sun sets. I ended the show with a couple of really amazing musicians playing guitar and mandolin. Jason King and Tony O'Neill. Now I'm typing this message as I sit in the good doctor's beach house while staring at the beautiful blue ocean in Lorne. I'm feeling lucky. Thanks Dr Donald Collie. If I ever need eye surgery, I'm coming to you. You meet the strangest people when you break your hand and don't cancel shows. Woo hoo!!