Wowo Orlando wokka wokka

20110504-114814.jpgI love this picture. I took it at a club I played the other night in Jacksonville. I like how it ends by saying "have a nice night." So anyways--- last night in Orlando: Not a big crowd. But.... A Very VERY enthusiastic crowd. Everyone was so nice. I played for over 3 hours. I went nuts on This Flood. Marc with a C is my friend. Marc with a C got up and played three songs in the middle of my set. He was awesome. There's potential for me in Orlando. It sucks that they allow smoking in bars in Florida. My lungs hurt this morning. I need to find the right room in Orlando and I will build a huge crowd become the Mayor. Marc with a C can be The King. Seriously- no smoking. Head aches. The Padres won last night! Liriano pitched a no hitter for The Twins and only struck out 2 and walked 6. I love it! Happy for my Minnesota friends. Andre Ethier has a 29 game hitting streak. My Dad must be happy! Pretty cool. I love baseball! Donald Trump is obnoxious. I have a day off. I play a show in Charlotte North Carolina tomorrow night at The Evening Muse. I shall start heading north. Perhaps I'll spend the night in Savannah. I've never been there. Life is good. Enjoy your short sweet time in this planet. It's fleeting. Be kind. Rewind. Zteverino Polts swift as coltz