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Hi Folks,
This is cool because I read The Lefsetz Letter everyday. It's sort of my music bible and first email I read each morning. He has thousands and thousands of subscribers and so when he posted my email I freaked. It means a lot to me. I'm a geek.

From: Bob Lefsetz
Subject: E-Mail Of The Day

Date: September 19, 2010 6:45:56 PM PDT
To: steve poltz

From: Steve Poltz

Wow! You sure get a lot of action at your blog. Nice work creating a community.

I love playing at The Blue Door in Okc. One of my favorite rooms anywhere on the planet. I either go out for Oklahoma BBQ or Vietnamese Pho with Greg Johnson. We talk baseball and politics and music. He loves his Orioles. I look forward to my next gig there.

I'm pretty lucky. I've got friends all over the world who own music venues. I work 200 plus dates a year. It only comes from repetitive touring and giving 100% each night even if you're sick with the flu or have a broken hand. Meeting the people after every show and playing heaps of house concerts. It's not glamorous but it works. I travel with only one guy -Chris Modl, who records every show and we sell that show 15 minutes after the gig ends on CDs or 2 gig thumb drives.

I love my job. I'm like a traveling salesman. If I play a good show then people usually buy my wares. T-shirts etc. If I suck then I have no one to blame but me. I have no mgmt and only my own label 98 pounder records. I LOVE my booking agent Roggie out of Austin at Rajiworld. She has a great understanding of what I do. I have different agents I love in Australia and my homeland of Canada as well.

People who come to my shows aren't coming because I co wrote a hit song with Jewel. They're coming because there's a trust factor involved. That's why your letter speaks to me. It's a great time to be a musician. There's a revolution happening!

And you know it Mr Jones!

Peace be with you... And also with you.

From Istanbul,

Steve Poltz

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