Will someone please talk movies with me?

Has anyone out there seen Even The Rain (También La Lluvia)? Hello? Hello? It's filmed in Bolivia. Life imitating art and art imitating life. Are there any Gael García Bernal fans out there? He's amazing eh? In this movie he plays a movie director and all hell starts breaking loose in Bolivia on his movie set. He's making a film about Christopher Columbus and the exploitation of Indians while at the same time exploiting the Indian extras that he uses in his film. It's really well done and beautifully acted. AND- the subtitles are easy to read which is a bonus because my Spanish is really rusty.

Ok next I saw The Kings Speech. Wow. I don't why I waited so long to see this except that I guess I've been playing shows every single night in the last year. I love History and especially WW2 history. First of all this is filmed beautifully and now I know why it won so many awards. It's a Colin Firth Geoffrey Rush buddy film! I love buddy films. It's got royalty, war, speech impediments and adultery and TENSION! Colin Firth (I like pretending his name is Colin First and I have a lisp) anyways- Colin Firth ith tho freaking believable and I actually cried. Boo hoo. It was lovely. Man, at the end of this movie when he actually has to make this huge speech i was at the edge of my seat cheering him on. Have you seen it? Answer me!

Ok- what about Biutiful? Yes, that's the way it's spelled. I just saw it. Dammit! Talk about depressing. I love depressing dark movies. It was right up my alley. Plus- Javier Bardem. Say no more. He is transcendent and his eyes emote so much pain and sadness. The only time he smiles is when he's with his kids. This film really shows the seedy underbelly of Barcelona. I remember being in Barcelona back in 1988 and it didn't look this dirty. This is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu the same director that did 21 Grams and Amores Perros. I walked out the theater and I couldn't quit thinking about death. I love this! Perhaps I have issues. Ya think?