Wild horses and stuff

20120527-090627.jpgI saw some very pretty horses. Horses that don't have horseshoes. Horses that people don't ride. Crazy feral horses that run by in gangs looking for gang fights. A couple of them came up close to me.

20120527-090908.jpg Dayton O. Hyde knows a lot about horses and birds and wildflowers and poets and ranching. He drives real slow and looks at things and tells you what they are or once were.

20120527-091112.jpg He's written 20 novels and lived for the wilderness. We got to hang out in his living room an I sang him songs and strummed my guitar. When he speaks his voice his rough and hoarse and gravelly lime Clint Eastwood's times two.

20120527-091339.jpg This place is beautiful. Check out their site.

20120527-091518.jpg I hope you have a happy Sunday or Monday depending on where you are on this spinning globe. Love, Steve