why would ken follett steal my wallet?

follet_gedaechtnis.jpgKen? why would you dare steal my wallet and then escape under the cover of darkness to Germany. You left me without a passport and no shoes. I walked over coals with Tony Robbins on an island with a bunch of business excecutives and you were there spying on me. There's a mole in The White House and my phones have been tapped like a keg of Coors. I walked in thongs through the streets of Morocco and hid in the cabin of a ship used for smuggling human cargo across borders and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Coach Renfro commented on the wrestling blog entry below dated Feb 21st. I am so happy to see he's out there and well. You guys don't understand. He taught me the fireman's carry and I just used it the other day on a man in the airport who resembled Ken Follet. Am I making sense here? off to Bozeman, Poltz sing along with steve

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