20111102-003141.jpgWe played this absolutely gorgeous theater this evening. The lively and lovely Playhouse in the quaint little hamlet of Whitstable. The whole night was energetic and vibe-a-licious from start to finish. I met a singer songwriter named Steve Boltz tonight! He saw my name and said he had to come by and meet me. Here we are together in all our glory --- Boltz and Poltz!

20111102-003820.jpg Now it's 12:45 am early Wednesday and we're headed back to London like shooting stars toward a sure slumber full of vivid dreams. I'm sleepy and hungry = sleeungry. Do I eat or do I sleep? Or shall I wait for my tea to steep? That is the question that I ask of thee. Whether tis noble to suffer the pangs of hunger or let the heavy eyelids drop like unhinged wooden doors on a Mexican veranda when it's time to surrender to the sueños. Dag nabbit Charlie Babbit why are you so freaking good at counting cards? I know you're an excellent driver but I need some grub before I listen to any more of sleep's seductive whispers. Ok, I think we're stopping at a petrol station and I'll grab something unhealthy and instantly gratifying and pay the piper later. Love you, mean it, bye. SP