20140809-092837-34117265.jpgI'm in Nipigon, Ontario in lovely Canada staying at a bucolic B&B. It's situated next to some train tracks and every hour or so a freight train rumbles by and and whole place shakes and each time I think to myself "Earthquake! Duck and cover." Then I realize that it's only a locomotive doing its job--> transporting schtuff to far off places so people can acquire more schtuff and keep the economy buzzing along. It's a lonely sound as the train whistle fades off into the distance. Lonelier than the sound of a young kid playing a solitary game of basketball in her backyard as the sun sets and almost as lonely the sound of an empty cash register opening at a crumbling and decrepit drive-in movie theater. I think when Smokey Robinson sang about the tears of a clown he fully understood the sound of loneliness. You can hear it in the tone and in the deliberate way he sings each word. I'd probably make a bet that the loneliest sounding vocal track ever recorded is Hank Williams when he sings about a lonesome Whippoorwill in I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. There's no lonelier sound except the sound of someone jacking off in their bunk at summer camp late at night thinking everyone's asleep.