Where's Poltzo? Listen live

20121210-101128.jpg Where's Waldo Poltzo? Hi! Now I'm in Newport Kentucky! Right on the border of Cincinatti.

I'll be on WNKU tonight at 7pm Eastern time. You can listen live by clicking here and scroll down to to where it says- "Now Playing".

The show is called Studio 89 and its super cool. It's put on in front of a live studio audience of 100 people.

The format is very simple and very casual. The show will start with two songs, followed by a brief interview/conversation segment, two to three more songs, more conversation, and one final song. More info on Studio 89 here.

Since you're probably somewhere else you get to be here through the power of the internets!

PS- I'm also on the same radio station at 2pm eastern today doing a short little interview to talk about tonight's show. But knowing me, no interview is ever short. Steam WKNU live where it says- "now playing" for that as well.