Where are we? Alabama?

letter-to-lou-and-rain-23.jpgClick Here to see Q and A I did with a guy who axed me sum questions the other day We just poured out of the van like root beer at 3 am ish after playing a show in Atlanta. We shared the bill with Michelle Malone. She's way cool and it was great meeting her band as well. We shared drums and bass amps which helped the load in that is up a couple flights of stairs outside the club in the back. The sound at Smiths Olde Bar was crazy good last night. I haven't played there in years so it was nice reconnect with the Atlanta peeps. The letter in the picture above is one I wrote to Lou and Rain the other morning before we left their fine house. I guess it is a thank you letter of sorts. I forgot that Chris Modl took a picture of it and I thought you might like to see it. See what a good speller I am? Catholic school paid off. Thanks Ma n Pa. I think we're in the middle of Alabama headed for Austin Texas and SXSW. We all just peed outside the van before we checked into the room and did our best to get arrested by Alabama's finest. Didn't The Stones get busted for that years ago? Patrick tells me they did but he ain't sure either. He now tells me it was East London where it happened. I once got a speeding ticket in Tuscaloosa but that's another story. Come to one of my many shows in Austin this week. The madness all starts on Wednesday. Check my tour dates for the full scoop. I will be scuttling with my fine band of Cynics back and forth on go karts for the whole festival. We'll be handing out bottles of root beer and free money to anyone who wants it. We're also giving away shoes to everyone. Really expensive Italian shoes and bars of gold. And dentures. And lemonade flavored car fresheners. Plus The Green Bay Packers are going to be doing a dance routine at most of our performances so we got that going for us. You probably shouldn't even bother seeing any of the other "acts." Yours in lice, Steev Plotz