What's the whole meaning?

20110506-104816.jpgWhat's our freaking purpose anyways? Can someone please enlighten me? To create? To procreate? To obfuscate? I mean really. I know I drive for hours on end and I'm not getting any younger. In the end is it all explained? Are we supposed to serve and help others? Are we all just going to end up road kill? Carrion? Is that what we are? Carrion? If so then what's our mission? To party like rockstars? Or serve like Mother Teresa? Maybe I need to join the ministry. Find God. Shit, we found Bin Laden perhaps we can find God next. G.O.D. Generator Organizer Destroyer. I want to hug a stranger. I want steal a television. I want to dance in Amsterdam. I want to cook homemadey quesadillas. Generator Organizer Destroyer.