What's for breakfast?

20120103-072603.jpgMany people say, "Steve, why are you such a hyperactive little monkey?" Well- I like to eat breakfast. But I think the key for me is..... And I must remind you of my goal to talk about things I like. I am not sponsored by any of these things. But Bob's Red Mill 5 grain plus flax seed is amazing. You can get it delivered online. I'm not normally a microwave guy but I've changed. I can make this stuff in 5 minutes. Just add water. Now here's my little secret: I don't add milk because I don't really like milk. But.... My friend Jacques taught me this next step which is the key to not getting hungry for hours after. Ok here's the secret: I add a big tablespoon of almond butter to it while it's steaming hot. Yea! Almond butter! This is what I use

20120103-073451.jpg Unless I can buy fresh made at the farmers market then that even better butter. But I'm on the road a lot so this will suffice. I there are blueberries around I like to add them and a banana. You will be energized and full till later in the day. Like I said, I don't even add milk. But... Sometimes I like to add a wee but of local honey which helps with allergies. I used to add brown sugar but I don't find myself needing it anymore. This breakfast fires me up. Am I boring you? I hope not because I'm on a roll today. My cold has just about waved goodbye and I feel good. What at your energy tips for me? Meth? Trucker's crank? Have a beautiful morning or evening wherever you are. Look at the sky from my view right now!

20120103-084014.jpg Bee bop a lula! S