what i did the other day

perrthlaydown.jpgnewroo.jpg bulls.jpg tree.jpg The other day I played a show in Perth and had a nap on the stage and then I caught a flight to Melbourne and went to a winery and chased a kangaroo all over the place until he kicked me really hard in the family jewels. Then I tormented some crazy looking Aussie bulls that looked Mongolian and they chased me up a tree. What did you guys do? Thanks to Loxley Vineyards for the 4 bottles of cabernet. I still have one left. Oh wait--I just dranky it. mmm cabernet merlot blend. Me likey. Sorry about the cancellation of the Tilley's show in Canberra. It weren't my fault. The silly lady who owns the club cancelled the show on me. I really really wanted to visit the ACT (AUstralian Capital Territory). Their loss is Adelaide's gain. I added a show this Saturday night at Jive. It is a reprise to last week's show. It sure was fun going out to the country. Thanks for the hospitality. Hiccup. Steverwino Poltzy