Went to Liverpool! Stroud tonight!

20111209-153205.jpgI went to Liverpool on Dec 8. The anniversary of John Lennon's assassination. Wow wow wow. I was overcome by emotion as we crossed the Mersey by ferry. Man I loved John.

20111209-153440.jpg Just knowing I was standing around where The Beatles once walked was enough for me. I'm such a geek for this kind of stuff.

20111209-153612.jpg I know they moves the club and the stage but I don't care. It's hard to explain. All those years ago Uncle Louie bought me Revolver and Rubber Soul. So freaking good! Still holds up to anything. My favorite will always be Magical Mystery Tour. Especially the instrumental track Flying. I love that song and the way it makes me feel. Like a nice cup of rooibos tea on a crisp winter day. Yee haw compadres.

20111209-154135.jpg Like I said- I was moved.


20111209-154408.jpg It was freezing and crazy winds were blowing on that ferry ride and of course I listened to Gerry and The Pacemakers for the whole ride over.

20111209-154557.jpg Now tonight I play a solo show in Stroud at The Prince Albert Pub. A proper 2 hour solo show. Hurrah. Should be fun. I love this pub and the cool vibe they've created. In fact right now their music just segued from Frank Zappa into Miles Davis. Yeah! I go on at 9pm and its pizza night. Ben and Anna are making the pizza dough right now in the kitchen. Check em out!

20111209-155027.jpg I'll see you tonight in Stroud at The Prince Albert! Steve