We are ghosts

20140422-082500.jpgWell this is weird. I woke up in my hotel and wanted to make a poster for the shows I have this week so I took a picture and then all of a sudden there was a ghost in the room. I was like, "No biggie. Hey ghost! What up?" And the ghost was all, "Ummm like you're supposed to be really scared right now and you're yawning. This is my best scary face." I was like, "Well, yes it's scary but I have to finish this poster I'm making so please chill the eff out." Then the ghost goes, "Can I have a bagel? But no garlic. My vampire gal hates it when I reek of garlic." I said, "Sure I'll get you one but can you actually eat it? You're a ghost." Then he came over real close and said "Do you feel this." All of a sudden my body felt very cold and goosebumps appeared. Then I looked up and he was gone. So I opened the door to my hotel a few minutes later after I was showered and dressed and lo and behold I looked down and there was a bagel in a brown paper bag waiting for me. I still have goosebumps. Life is strange. We are ghosts. I'll see you in Washington or Montana.