Walking to San Antonio

20140724-081037-29437295.jpgSo I've decided I'm going to walk to San Antonio from San Francisco. My show is the very next day after I play Novato California. Google Maps says it'll take 23 days and 14 hours and that the route includes a fairy. But I walk really fast. That's so cool that it includes a fairy. I wonder if it's a good fairy that will protect me and sprinkle gold dust on my walking trail? Maybe it's a tooth fairy and he/she will leave me 50 cents under my pillow.

Oh wait-- I just checked again. It says ferry. Never mind! Dang it. What a rip off. I guess I'll fly. Why don't things ever go my way. I hate Mondays. What day is it? Oh, Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. Hump day. Ride a camel save water. Oh wait-- now you tell me it's Thursday? Named after the Greek God Thor? Thorsday? Well shit howdy, how did I miss Wednesday? Go get em Thor! Happy Thorsday!