20110714-032131.jpgWalk through the land of the giant tea cups and try not to get lost. Climb inside the cup and feel the warmth of the PG Tips stain your skin a light chocolate brown. Dunk your head and shake your hair like a drenched German Shepherd fresh from a bath in the ocean of tea. Listen to an anthology of American folk music while the sun's rays shine down on you like a flashlight from the heavens above. Be love and let your love light sparkle and shine. Miracles and miracles await you if you're patient. Shying away from patience is cool because everything will come to you in time. It's already written. Let the pages turn as they may because the chips have already fallen. Chips ahoy people! How can you deny the honesty in the voice of Mississippi John Hurt? Stack o Lee baby. Another good man shot down and tales of woe and betrayal. Foundations for everything before and after and so it goes. Lordy Lordy Lordy. Sigh.