Wakey wakey rise and shine

Good Morning Cobbers, It's 6am on Dec 29 here in New South Wales. I'm wandering and thinking while lucky Modl sleeps. There's only a few days left in 2010 so I'd better start making good on my resolutions. Can't really remember what they were. Today I play The Peats Ridge Festival. In fact, I play there the next 3 days. I'll even be there on New Years Eve. We drove a couple of hours outside of Sydney last night so we'd be closer to where we need to be today. We're at a roadside motel in the middle of the jungle. There are wild kangaroos trying to attack me while I stroll. Why can't they leave me alone? Crazy birds are dive bombing at my head so I've run into this cafe for a flat white. That's a fancy Aussie name for a tasty coffee drink. I'm out of breath from running from wild animals. I need to buy a pellet gun for protection. My guitars are in one piece but my brain is bits and pieces of fragments scattered along the sidewalk by an anthill. My hair is sheared like a sheep and I'm now able to reach inside my brain. I've pulled out some brambles and wax and things are clearing up. A fog has lifted and visibility is now fair at best. Fair is much better than dense obstructed views. Must lay down and rest in this thicket up ahead. Cars are whizzing by like shooting stars and there's a loud locust buzz coming from the trees. I'll be safe here for a short spell. Just need a nap and some water and some lettuce. xo S