view from da vw van

dooky.jpgWell folks, it looks like the padres are down to their final prayer. This is what it looked like from my window as I was driving from Boise through Oregon to Seattle. This is a beautiful country. I was listening to 4 different sports talk stations on XM Satellite Radio. All of the pundits are saying The Pads don't stand a chance. Screw the stupid pundits. I am no longer living in the land of reality. As far as I am concerned we are in the playoffs and World Series bound. The other night I palyed in Salt lake City and this guy gave me 100 bucks to play Monkeys Comin' Outta Yer Ass. Of course I obliged. I had just come back from The Pixies concert at The University of Utah and so had he. After my show he said he wanted to buy everyone in the bar a copy of my c.d. Chinese Vacation. There were 81 people and so he gave me 810 smackaroos! I was so happy I had a hard time going to sleep. Everytime I think I've seen it all something like this happens. You people amaze me. You complete me. Idiots. Thankyou Utah Thankyou Padres Thankyou Jesus Thankyou Television Thankyou Ringling Brothers' Carnys Thankyou Mexico Thankyou Mom and Dad Thankyou Russian River Brewing Co. Thankyou Crystal Meth Thankyou Almonds Thankyou Insane Asylum Stevey Nixxxon