Use some tape 

  San Francisco - Grass Valley- Chico- Portland.

These four places will have a double bill that's sure to tickle your fancy. I recommend you travel to all 4. Follow us around. We don't bite. We don't even bark. We are docile little lambs. Shear us. Hear us. Don't fear us. Come near us. Oh, dear us.

Sometimes I listen to Sirius.

That's all for now. xoxoxoox SP PS- print out these flyers and trade them like baseball cards. Give them to people in elevators. When you get petrol leave one on the gas pump. Hand them out when you're waiting in the hotdog line at a baseball game. Tape one to your hotdog. Pull your pants down and tape one to your other hotdog. If you don't have a hotdog and you have girly parts then tape one to your girly vageena. People will like this. Cops will think it's cool. Give one to your mom and dad. Tell your grandpa to take his pants off. Throw a box of cereal at someone's head.