Update! Dreamhouse is ready to order! by mail or digital download

dreamycover.jpgfront cover dreamhouse-back98pounder.jpg aaaaa.jpg My new CD is done cookin'. It's ready for order right here on this very website. I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia and met award winning producer/ songwriter Joel Plaskett and formed a strong bond. We decided to make a record at his studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Recorded analog on 16 track 2 inch tape it has the "Dreamhouse" sound. It'll also be available on vinyl (yes! a record!) in a few more weeks. But the cd is freaking ready now! Order away. It's also ready to digitally download right now exclusively here. It'll be up on Itunes and other places in the next couple of weeks. If you're in San Diego it's at Lou's Records and M-Theory records. The artwork was done by a Halifax artist named Rebecca Kraatz. Check out her website. She did a work for hire for me. Crazy cool woodburn art. I'll let you know. My hand hurts, I got it re-set in a new stronger pink cast the resetting part hurt bad in a good way/bad way but I'm excited Steve