Uncle Louie

lou.jpgLast Saturday I drove up to Pasaden California to see my Uncle Louie play piano at The Stoney Point Restaurant. He plays there every Saturday and has a host of singers show up for songs galore. They do all kinds of broadway show tunes and even the bartender does a rousinfg rendition of Caberet. This is a picture of Louie just getting started and believe you me that tip jar gets packed. He is amazing and knows every song ever written from Beethoven to Irving Berlin to Zappa. I think he's a yeen yus. I mean genius. The reason for that evening's party was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. 50 freaking years! That must mean I'm at least 8. Their true wedding was May 25th but we got an early start. here is a pic of their wedding day. weddingday.jpg So if you get a chance, go ssee Uncle Louie play piano on Saturdays and tell him his nephew Steven says hi. And get an early start on wishing my folks a happy anniversary. Ciao, Steve