Uncensored Interview

signature.jpgphoto taken by Milan backstage at The Vanguard in Sydney Australia (the signature was from 2 years earlier and I never remembered signing the wall) Hi Citizens of Planet Earth, We played a very long show in Indianapolis last night. I thought the show was over but then after 25 or so minutes we got back up and played for another hour. Dave and Michelle are stellar hosts and I'm always happy to play at their club. They're even going to make the drive to see us in Dayton Ohio. Dean and Kristi Lee from The Bob and Tom Show came out to the gig. Kudos to them as they have to wake up at 4 in the morning to be on the air. I love it when they show up at gigs because i want to impress them and usually end up doing something weird that probably doesn't impress them. I think it makes them fear for my sanity. I did an extended interview in New York City and they posted it online for all to see. I remember that day well. We were running ragged all over the city trying to get to Sirius satellite radio then to an in store performance and i was taping the Hugh Thompson Show. Next thing you know these two great interviewers and camera people showed up for a fun interview. They let me go off on several tangents and just captured it all on their little cameras and technological doo doo dads. (i said "doo doo") Hopefully the link works now when I paste it below:------------------- Click Here to see interviews I think if you view it and leave comments then they'll have me back because they'll think people want to see more. Together we can fool the world. We are off to Cleveland and it's snowing cats and antelopes. We shall drive slowly as we are all from California and this white stuff on the ground confuses us. Yours Truly, Steve