Ummmm. Where am I?

20111201-104010.jpgI'm parked by the venue we played in Whitehaven. We are headed to Clitheroe. Strange names in strange times. So many dossiers so many cutesy tootsy country roads. Last night we played a show. I spoke to people with funny accents. Hey, two people bought T-shirts! That means maybe today these two English gala are wearing my T-shirts at their respective jobs and spreading my music and stuff around the town of Whitehaven. This makes me happy. Makes me feel I at least did something to further my musical name in The UK. It's a spark that needs gasoline. I'm in it for the long haul. Why don't we have sticky toffee pudding in The USA? I need to open up a sticky toffee pudding shop. I'll make millions. Yesterday's version at The Pheasant Inn was spectacular.

20111201-104911.jpg Man. I still don't get why they call cake pudding but I like it. I love it. Gotta run, Steve