Two San Diego area shows this weekend

20110705-090339.jpgI hope you had a nice fourth! I'll be here all week. Try the buffet. Rimshot. Yes it's true, I play a show that isn't 21 and up on Friday night July 8, at Lestat's Coffee House on Adams Ave. The show starts at 9. All ages. I love playing Lestat's. Very cool intimate vibe full of welcome goodness.

Then on Saturday night July 9, I play at Cheers my favorite roadhouse bar in Ramona. In case you're wondering where Ramona is, it's exactly 39.4 miles as the crow flies from San Diego if you're standing in the heart of Little Italy. Get there early for an award winning cheeseburger. Sean owns the joint and I LOVE him.

Both shows will be recorded and are going to rock supreme and more importantly both shows have the LOVELY Sara Petite opening. I'm very excited to hear Sara. It's going to be a wop bop a lula wop bam boo, whatever that means. Love, Steve