Two aliens

20110630-094252.jpg Two aliens landed on a wall and their spaceship waited for fuel down below in a canyon. They were dismayed to find a hostile environment and a totally foreign fossil fuel source. I ran into them on Congress Street as they were buying cowboy hats to blend in. For some reason they decided to talk to me and I was the only one who could see or hear them. They talked to me with their eyes and told me that it was important to love. Live love and be love and everything else will take care of itself. They told me love flows in the rivers and falls from the sky and even from a tear in the eye. Love is everywhere if you just look and listen. You can hear it rustling through the leaves on a breeze from any direction. You can smell it in the lavender and taste it on your tongue. They told me to love with all my heart and then they bought me a slice of pizza. They did backflips and crazy front flips and had balance unlike any I'd ever seen. Balance of heart and soul and mind. I want to learn to love this way. To be fearless and brave like a warrior alien. Time is ticking and there's no going back. Pages are fluttering and flipping as they dance and float from a bridge. Look at them fall. The days are weeks now months are years. The hair gets grey the knees creak and the heart stays full and pumps the blood, the life source, and love is a beautiful glowing aura. The eyes are road maps. Those aliens are my new friends. I must remember this. Look for love, now playing everywhere. Rated E for everyone.

I'm in Austin Texas today. I play at The Cactus Cafe tonight along with my friend Peter Case. Love Love Love Love Love