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20120124-080500.jpg I'm Really Excited For Wednesday Night At 6 Pm Pacific Time Zone Because I'm Playing A Concert 30 min! With a 20 minute encore! 50 minutes Heck Yeah Freaks You Can Chat With Each Other And have fun. From Chris Modl's Home Studio Watch and listen. Jan 25--Wed --6pm pacific time California 8pm if you're in Texas 9pm in NYC 10pm Halifax 10:30pm Newfoundland 2am Thursday in London! 1pm Thursday in Melbourne 12:30pm Thursday in Adelaide 10 am Thursday in Perth, Australia We are bringing the world together! Super super fun. Tickets are 2 bucks. Get them right here! Can't wait to receive your requests and not have time to do them all. New songs and old songs. See ya Wed at 6pm pacific xoxo Steve PS:::: leave your requests here so I can learn them in my noggin.