Tug boat me home

Tug boat my booty home. I'm a headed straight down the lost highway to Southern California. Great times in Portland last night. Thanks to Anya Marina for a swell show. She rocked. Thanks to all the very sweet northwesters who traversed through the rainy and sun soaked streets to attend the many shows. The sooner I drag my skinny ass out of bed, the sooner I'll be home. It's just a short lil drive from Oregon to San Diego. Life is a sweet song. Tune it in or tune it out. Stay focused. Got the new Kanye West album to crank as I trek down 5 south. Got many podcasts of This American Life and Fresh Air and Pardon The Interruption (PTI). On this trip I bought a ukulele and a beautiful very old Martin 4 string tenor guitar from a guy named Bob who used to play in The New Christy Minstrels. He bought it years ago from Nick who was in The Kingston Trio. Bob was also the human whistle sound with Johnny Cash years ago. I met Bob in Elkton, Oregon. The planet is spinning. Time is going fast. My tires need to spin. Adrian Gonzalez is now a Boston Red Sox first baseman. I'm playing in Denver on Saturday. I have a few days off. Misty eyes. Clouds. Rain. Then sun. Dreams. Love. Presents. Presence. Treats. Goosebumps. Aches. More love. Steve