Troon ya say?

20130522-101747.jpgI really did think I would have a night off last night. No, seriously. I'm not kidding. But then... Ring ring--- there's a happening happening in a happening kinda way if you're feeling frisky and full of happenstancey energy then you should happen on down to The Quaich (pronounced Quake) on 52 Coustenholme Road GLASGOW and do a few songs. It'll be a great way to help promote your Friday May 24th show at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow. Of course I said ok. The joint was packed on a Tuesday night! People were singing along arm in arm. Thanks for the good times you freaks. I heart you.

Tonight I play Troon at The Tower Hotel. 8pm. Come on down to the beach! It ain't far from Glasgow. See Scottish beach people. Have fun and forget your worries. Call in sick and throw caution to the wind. Life is short and you don't have any days to waste. Half of The Doors are now dead. It can happen at any time. Therefore a great night out is actually due to you. You are owed this night from the universe.