Travel time travel

Today I am putting my right boot forward and walking across the psychedelic carpet to tomorrowland where I walk so fast the world will be one step behind me. I will drink up Memphis and all its flavors and soul. I will eat southern food and ride a trolley down Main St. I will visit Elvis Presley and bow at his grave. I will let the Memphis sun kiss my guitar and bless it with all the love it can hold. I'll hop like a bunny to music that was born in a roadhouse by a railway station. Listen to the clock tick away. The poor thing can't keep up with me. Did you know that if you keep moving real fast that time can't catch you? It's true. Trust me and walk with me and smell the roses and the eat the French fries as they fall from the sky hitting the bullseye targets of open mouths everywhere. Laugh at nothing just because you can. Chicken and dumplings and shrimp gumbo will just appear as you're beamed to a table at Westy's.Ahhhhhhh travel.

Everything Elsesteve poltz