Travel is daunting, haunted and super duper fun

20111128-000109.jpgWhat is it with this life of travel? Playing shows night after night after night. Sometimes the faces blur into traffic lights and the neon becomes paisley and the paisley becomes hail falling from the sky. Glasgow was intense. King Tut's was jam packed line a mofo. What a nutso magutso crowd! They were up for anything at The Wah Wah Hut. I saw a man jump out of a car at 2am while his friends waited for him to vomit in the pouring rain and then I watched several girls in mini skirts walk through the puke and twist their faces in horror. It was awesome. Another Saturday night in the City of Glasgow. Tonight we played in Gateshead. Right next door to Newcastle. Totally different style venue. Not a punk rock club but a nice little theater. I love all the venues. Punky or posh- whatever the challenge I like it. It's the people that make it cook like a hot stove.

20111128-001056.jpg Who says dogs can't drive trucks?

20111128-001948.jpg Dogs can do anything. Bow wow wow Steve